Overwatch vs. Battleborn: 5 Differences That Make Them Unique: Page 2 of 5

Overborn or Battlewatch, Take Your Pick.

2. Character Selection

I choose... the protagonist of the game's marketing.

It’s true: two different games made by two different developers and publishers have two different kinds of gameplay. Who would’ve guessed?


In Overwatch, choosing a character is a very flexible process; you’re meant to be constantly switching between different characters, depending on the situation you’re in. Matches feel like you’re meant to drop-in and drop-out on a whim (even though players get penalized for leaving too often – what’s up with that, Blizzard?), since they allow you to change characters mid-game as frequently as you’d like.


Meanwhile, in Battleborn, you’re following the vein of MOBA’s. You select a single character at the start of the match, and you’re stuck with them til the end. Because of this, the game feels a lot more stagnant in its character choice, so you’re not really meant to drop out of the match midway through (and yet they don’t have a penalty for frequently leaving. Did you two mix up your file cabinets or something?)


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