Overwatch vs. Battleborn: 5 Differences That Make Them Unique: Page 4 of 5

Overborn or Battlewatch, Take Your Pick.

4. The Backstory

A time in the world when everything had Instagram filters.

I know: it’s so brave of me to veer away from gaming-related differences. Oh well.


Let’s be fair, though; this is a huge difference between the two games.


Overwatch is set on an Earth sixty years into the future. Thirty years after the organization known as Overwatch helped restore balance to a war-torn world, conflict is starting to rise again. This is where you and your little 6v6 battles come in. Don’t ask me how, but somehow, those fights are helping.


Vastly different, Battleborn isn’t set on any particular planet or time period. There’s one last star that remains in the entire galaxy, and it’s your goal to stop a mastermind, Rendain, from helping an ancient race, the Varelsi, take over the last star.


 Therefore, the cast of characters is much more diverse on Battleborn¸ since they’re from multiple different planets and galaxies, rather than from different cultures on a futuristic Earth.



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