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Overborn or Battlewatch, Take Your Pick.

5. Everything

This sums up the argument pretty well.


It’s not a cop-out, I swear. Just keep reading.


The fact that these two games are being compared in the first place is actually somewhat shocking. TotalBiscuit explained it best in his video comparing the two: they’re really nothing alike except for having a colorful cast of characters.


Truthfully, the only two reasons these two games are being compared is the fact that they were released in similar times, and because they’re not dark, gritty, and slathered in a grey filter like so many of the Call of Duties and Battlefields we’ve been getting for so long now. So when two colorful, lore-rich games come along, we’re obviously going to get excited and even start comparing the two.


And of course, there’s always going to be people that will force a rivalry between two things. Mac and PC, PC Gaming vs. Console Gaming, etc. But I see no reason for there to be a rivalry between Overwatch and Battleborn. They’re similar in some ways, yes, but overall, they’re two vastly different experiences that I personally think everyone should try just a bit of. If you like one more than the other, that’s great. If you hate both of them, that’s fine too. And if you love both equally, then congratulations. It’s all about your opinion, and what you personally think about the games. Why create a rivalry when it’s possible to just enjoy both?


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