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The Secret World: Review and Gameplay
The MMO World's Best-Kept Secret


Fighting ghosts in Tokyo

As much a horror game as it is an MMO.

I hope that, by now, you are beginning to appreciate some of what makes The Secret World unique among MMOs. I certainly don't know of another MMO with forums that are brimming over with posts from passionate fans trying to work through the sorts of perplexing mysteries that The Secret World challenges players with. Nor am I aware of an MMO world that has been as painstakingly crafted as that of The Secret World, or in which players hungrily devour every morsel of information they can find, instead of dismissing it as "flavour text" — which is usually exactly what it is.

Sure, the game is not the most polished or prettiest MMO out there, and the combat is not as fluidly animated, nor satisfying, as some of the best examples in the genre, but I urge people who thought they would like MMOs but found out they didn't, as well as those who loved MMOs but find themselves bored by World of Warcraft clones offering nothing more than another level grind to level 50, a serious chance. And by serious chance I mean that you should let it sink its claws into you. Give it at least five or six hours. Don't rush around trying to blaze through quests like an XP-gobbling machine, but instead soak in the environments, the dialogue, and all the little incidental details in the game world that really aren't so incidental at all.

Snow mobile chase

The closest thing you'll get to a mount, unfortunately.

If you love deep stories, and even deeper mysteries; if you love multidimensional characters, and just multiple dimensions period; if you love the satisfaction that comes with figuring out things on your own, rather than being treated like a dummy who couldn't find his way across the road without a map with a big red dot marked "cross here"; then please, you owe it to yourself to peer beyond the surface, and into The Secret World.

Final verdict: 9/10

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