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The Secret World: Review and Gameplay
The MMO World's Best-Kept Secret


Issues 5 6 and 7

Issues #5–7

The Secret World is a "buy-to-play" MMO, meaning that once a player purchases a copy of the game, they can play the game without requiring a monthly subscription. A monthly subscription priced at USD $14.99 is available, however, and it grants a monthly allocation of "bonus points" that can be used to purchase items and content from the in-game cash shop, along with access to AP boosts and other rewards.

The standard price for the base game on Steam is $29.99 USD. The base game includes DLC issues one to four, but issues five to eleven must be purchased separately in order to access the additional content they provide. Alternatively, players can elect to purchase the The Secret World: Massive Edition for USD $59.99, which includes issues five through seven, as well as some helpful starter items.

Several options exist for purchasing the rest of the issues not included in either the base game, or the Massive Edition. The most cost-effective option for new players and non-subscribers is to purchase The Fall of Tokyo, which includes issues nine, ten, and eleven for USD $29.99. Players who subscribe, however, can save up their monthly stipend of Funcom bonus points in order to purchase all the issues without dropping any additional cash. It takes a good long time to make it through the base content as it is, so by the time you do so, you'll likely have the points to spare.

The Fall of Tokyo

The Secret World only becomes more intense the further you progress.

Lastly, there is the Grandmaster Pack, which effectively packs in a lifetime membership with other miscellaneous goodies. At over USD $200, though, the Grandmaster Pack represents quite a commitment; I didn't purchase mine until I had reached both the endgame, and the realization that The Secret World was going to be something that I'd be playing for as long as EA deigned to keep the servers running.

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