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Shogun, Total War, Daimyo, Japan, Feudal, War, Tactics, 4X, Samurai, Game
The Daimyo is not pleased

7. King Arthur: The Roleplaying Game (2009)

Dragons, ogres and giant spiders

Developer: NeocoreGames

Genre: Real-time tactics

King Arthur, Roleplaying Wargame, Dragon, War, Game, Combat

The mother of all one-sided battles

Take the role of the eponymous King Arthur, in this original take on the famous legend. Human and inhuman enemies alike stand against you in your quest to expand the kingdom, and your success depends solely on your tactical abilities.

As in the Total War series, the game is played from the large strategic map where you make the big decisions that are usually resolved on the real-time battlefield. Your morality and choice of religion are important, and make a significant impact on what kind of forces you can field. For instance, the kind of endgame units you can field is directly dependent on whether you are a Christian or an adherent of the so-called “Old Faith”.

All in all, a thoroughly satisfying title that offers a more fantastic alternative to a genre that’s bogged down by realism.

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