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Best Survival Horror Games
I saw her in my nightmares for WEEKS

6) Alien: Isolation  

Alien Isolation Launch Trailer

Alien: Isolation centers around Amanda Ripley searching the depths of space for her mother, Ellen Ripley. The visuals are a perfect and faithful recreation of the 1979 Alien film right down to CRT monitors and “futuristic” tech. Even the fog is perfect wafting out of vents menacingly. Even the music is reminiscent of the 1970s. This is a perfect game to play in the dark.

At first the atmosphere is enough to keep you on edge. Sevastopol Space Station is eerie and isolated, creaking and moaning with every step you take. It does take awhile for the Xenomorphs to show up, but once they do it was well worth the wait. 99% of the Alien’s movement is completely random so you don’t know from one minute to the next where it’s going to pop out of. You’ll spend minutes alone in the dark just to be ambushed from a ventilation duct. The heavy footsteps, the vibration of it skittering around the ductwork, angry hisses and screams all leave you holding your breath. Every move, light, or even sneeze will bring the Xenomorph down upon you and there is no way to defend yourself as it is completely impervious to attack.

You’ll die - a lot- but that makes victory that much sweeter.

Takes forever for the xenomorphs to show up but once they do it was worth the wait

This game is marvelously retro right down to saving via a manual phone

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