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League of Legends Most Evil Champions That Are Merciless!
Ah yes, being evil is fun in almost every game especially in RPG... Read More
League of Legends Most Balanced Champions!
This list will only consist of champions who are balanced and... Read More
League of Legends Most Aggressive Champions!
Let me start off this list with a question. Have you ever lost a lane... Read More
League of Legends Most Fun Champions!
After I’ve let all my hatred out in the previous articles “LoL Most... Read More
League of Legends Most Hated Champions 2022 Edition!
When it comes to this game there are a lot of things players hate... Read More
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - Do you the best mods to pick up?
What did you about my mum?  Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order... Read More
LoL Best Champions By Lane!
Let me start this article off by saying that League of Legends has... Read More
LoL Best Champions To carry Low ELO!
Ah yes, ELO is the thing that matters the most in League of Legends.... Read More
LoL Best Champions For Fast Farming!
When it comes to League of Legends, having a good farm or CS per... Read More
LoL Best Escape Champions That Are Great!
Do you usually find yourself in unwanted situations and wish to get... Read More
League of Legends Best First Strike Champions That Give You An Advantage
Welp, here we are at the newest rune added into the game called “... Read More
Do you know the best Frontlines of Paladins?
"Hello amigo"  Well, gamers, these days we have talked a... Read More
For those who want to be better at Paladins console.
God Azaan Paladins: Champions of the Realm has many... Read More
Tier List of Paladins (2022)
"Now prepare yourself" Paladins: The Champions of The Realm, a... Read More
Announcers of Paladins: Champions of The Realm
"Oh, what a beautiful game" Hi, champions! I’m finally back... Read More
League of Legends Settings for Low End PC
Are you stuck with a PC from the cold era and you can’t get... Read More
League of Legends Best Interface Settings!
Ah, da yis. League options. Sometimes they’re the most important part... Read More
 LOL Best CC Champions
Let me start this list by saying more CC = more GG. If you don’t... Read More
LOL Best Top Laner Champions That Wreck Hard
Here we are in a role where people just wish to be alone and left to... Read More
LOL Best Marksman Champions That Wreck Hard (2022 Edition)
So here we are at the beginning of a new season and new things that... Read More
LoL Best Chinese Players
We’re already aware of the sheer power RNG, Invictus Gaming, EDward... Read More
LoL Best Korean Players
Korea is known in the League of Legends community for giving rise to... Read More
LoL Best European Players
Europe has given rise to several powerhouses that frequently earn the... Read More
LoL Best North American Players
NA has had its fair share of criticism from the League community in... Read More
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