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League of Legends
10. Renekton The reptilian top-laner has been taking... Read More
League of LegendsLOL Best Bruisers
10. Shen Coming in for the tenth spot on the best... Read More
League of Legends Best Armor Items
10. Thornmail (Best for anti-healing and protection against auto-... Read More
League of LegendsLoL Best ADC Items
10. Maw of Malmortius (Best for magic shield) This item isn’t... Read More
League of LegendsLoL Best Attack Speed Items
10. Guinsoo’s Rageblade (Best for ADCs who rely heavily on auto-... Read More
LOL Best Fighters for Wild Rift
10. Xin Zhao A very easy-to-use jungler, Xin Zhao is a... Read More
League of Legends
10. Leona (Most OP for engaging and lockdown) A tanky... Read More
LOL Best Engage Supports
10. Pyke Pyke is one of a kind as he’s an assassin... Read More
 LOL Best Teamfight Champions
10. Azir A mid lane mage, Azir specializes in long-... Read More
LOL Best One Shot Champions
10. Vel’Koz Vel’Koz is primarily a mid laner and... Read More
LoL Roles explained, how to play lol roles, league of legends roles
Every role has their duties, allowing players to synergize their... Read More
LoL Best Split Pushers
Does your team keep losing every team fight, leaving you frustrated... Read More
League of Legends Best Stun Champions, LOL Best Stun Champions
10. Sett Sett is a bruiser-style champion that was released... Read More
League of Legends Best Farming Junglers, LOL Best Farming Junglers
10. Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks is a heavy magic-dealing... Read More
League of Legends Best Marksman Champions, LOL Best Marksman Champions
10. Lucian Lucian is a jack of all trades type of ADC. He’s... Read More
League of Legends Support Tier List, LoL Support Tier List
In this article, we’re going to go over the best supports in the... Read More
LOL Ranking System, LOL Ranking System explained
1. How many ranks are there? There are 9 ranks in total in the... Read More
LoL Tier List
  ADC Tiers  S Tier - ADC:  These AD carries... Read More
LOL Best Damage Support
10. Brand Brand is in many ways an amazing damage support. His... Read More
LOL Best Late Game Champions
10. Jinx Jinx is a late-game hyper-carry that makes her home... Read More
LOL Best Mage Champions
10. Vel’koz Vel’koz is a long-range poke mage that plays... Read More
Best Mid Laners in League of Legends, Mids, Mages, Assassins
10. Ekko Ekko is a fighter/assassin hybrid that excels at... Read More
Ready to play
 LOL Best Prestige Skins That Look Freakin Awesome! 15. Blood... Read More
Get ready to play
[Top 10] LOL Best Ranged Champions That Wreck Hard! 10. Senna-The... Read More
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