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10 Best PC Horror Games To Play With Friends at a Sleepover
Listen to the teddy bear who looks ready to consume your soul


8. Among the Sleep

Teddy bears add 5+ courage

Bond over reliving childhood nightmares with your friends in Among the Sleep.

Players take control of a two-year-old boy on the night of his birthday. Strange sounds disturb him throughout the night and he wakes up to a mysterious creature flipping over his crib. Players quickly need to search for his mother before unknown horrors get to him in the darkness.

There are various monster encounters in the game, but since players are in control of an actual two-year-old child, the only solution is to hide and escape from these beasts. Players can walk, crawl, and run for a short time until the toddler falls down. You wont be alone as your walking and talking teddy bear will be beside you and freaking out just as much as you will. Adapting to the nighttime world of a child again will be a nightmarish experience for players as they will remember former hopelessness and vulnerability from the terrors in the dark. 

This game takes about two hours to beat and is a great choice for people who want a quick thrill. 

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