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10 Best PC Horror Games To Play With Friends at a Sleepover
Listen to the teddy bear who looks ready to consume your soul


1. Outlast

Worst doctor's visit ever

Are you ready for the scariest game of them all? Convince yourself you are as you take on Outlast.

Outlast is a survival horror game like you've never seen before. Play as journalist Miles Upshur who breaks into Mount Massive Asylum, an abandoned center for the mentally ill that was recently re-opened and had been operating in secrecy. Miles gets a message regarding the dangers of the facility and the company, Murkoff, that runs the place from an anonymous source from within the facility.

Stealth is key as players explore the asylum trying to uncover it's secrets, but this journalistic endeavor quickly turns terrifying as Miles gets hunted down by crazed human looking creatures and needs to escape the facility. Player's have no way to fight these creatures as Miles is equipped with just a camcorder that enables him see in the dark and will constantly need to flee from disturbing creatures and hide wherever is possible.

These unpredictable enemies can appear at any time and players need to be ready to run and try to shake them off at any instant. Player's never have a moment to mentally recover as horrors are literally everywhere in the game. Even more terrifying is that the game's setting and characters are inspired by actual asylums and instances of criminal insanity.

Do not play this game if you or anyone around you has a weak heart, also use a weak heart as an excuse to turn off the game and spend the rest of the night looking at cute animal pictures to cleanse your mind.


Think you're prepared for a terrifying night with friends? Or maybe all of these games feel like child's play to you.

Let us know in the comments what games you think are the best for a horror marathon with friends. 

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