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10 Celebrities Who Play World of Warcraft
You might have played with one of them

10. Chuck Norris

Starting off our list of famous people who have played World of Warcraft is the renowned Chuck Norris. There have not been any statements from Chuck Norris himself revealing his affiliation with the game, but Blizzard released a commercial that he starred in a few years ago.

If Chuck Norris really did play the game, which he probably does, how would you find him? It is difficult to guess what name his toon would have, but you can safely assume that he plays a human monk. Once you realize that, you’ve only got to follow the trail of corpses to find him. It is likely that Chuck spends most of his time in game one-shotting raid bosses and spawn-camping them. On top of that he probably has all in game achievements and an item level over 9000. If you find that guy, then you’ve got Chuck Norris

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