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10 Celebrities Who Play World of Warcraft
You might have played with one of them

3. Adrianne Curry

World of Warcraft's Next Top Model

Most people probably assume that if you’re on the show America’s Next Top Model, that you don’t have an ounce of geek in you. That is a false assumption! Adrianne Curry is no poser. She is well established in both the Star Wars and Warcraft universes, and she is also apparently a huge fan of A Song of Fire and Ice.

Her main is Melkorsangel, the Unholy Dranei Death Knight that plays on the Nazgrel realm.

A bit of trivia here: she claims to have lost a lot of friendships while raiding… Maybe it is worse than Monopoly.

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Gamer Since: 1997
Favorite Genre: RPG
Currently Playing: Diablo 3, League of Legends, Dragon Age Inquisition
Top 3 Favorite Games:League of Legends, Diablo, Dark Souls II

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