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Dark Souls 3: 10 New Things Fans Would Love To See

10. Add a new difficulty mode…

"Death smiles at us all - all a man can do is smile back." -Maximus, Gladiator 

Oh wait, you were expecting something different?! This is Dark Souls, remember. It is like a karate master: try to hit me - aha! You missed - try again - and again - and again. And eventually you become the champion and defeat everyone. Perhaps Dark Souls 3 needs a montage or the ability to select an even more ridiculous mode of difficulty like in Fallout New Vegas with the hardcore mode.

When the Dark Souls 3 release date comes out, portions of the internet are going to erupt in crazy anticipation. This is a game made for the fans, and by now, they know exactly what they want. Keep the best parts - the challenging gameplay, the stunning environments - and improve the lesser parts - the story, the difficult to pick it up for the first time. By the time of Dark Souls 3 release date, we will have a pretty good idea of it the development team has listened to its fans.

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