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Dark Souls 3: 10 New Things Fans Would Love To See

6. Keep the community expanding

Eat lightning!

Hi Friend! One of Dark Souls' greatest strengths has been its interactivity between players. This is another area developers are hitting hard these days. By creating a new and unique social world where players can engage and add to their gaming experience. There are always little notes to find, some left by helpful strangers leading to a less punishing solution to the next fight. And others are more tongue in cheek, such as the ever funny 'jump' advice next to a cliff.

This community is subtler than some other game series like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto Online, where an onslaught of Voice Over Net communications eventually leads everyone to presume that the world has been taken over by nine year olds. What a scary world that is!! I keep my mic in the off position these days unless I am playing with some seasoned friends. The Dark Souls' community is exempt and mysterious leading players to feel like there are others out there that care, even care = prankster rather than a sage.

Now is the time to expand the options available for the fan community of Dark Souls. Without removing the notes mechanic and maintaining the sense of being a lone warrior against the unrelenting existential existence of the game, there is certainly space for those brave souls who have clawed their way so far to communicate in more depth and share their passion for the game.

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