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Dark Souls 3: 10 New Things Fans Would Love To See

2. Remove added annoyances


Dark Souls II did certainly ramp up the challenging level of gameplay. Some of this was in the difficulty of the armies of enemies awaiting you, but the developers also adjusted the mechanics to further make the player's life a complete and utter misery. By far was the fact you lose a nice chuck of health every time you die. So there you were, exhausted after mowing down armoured monstrosities with your halberd, bloodied and battered before you finally fell under the fist of the giant boss, and you have to do it all over again.

Beast Mode!

You were so close last time! But this time, not only does glory escape your grasp by a whisker but now do you have to repeat what you just did. But the fun doesn’t stop there, you also have to be even better because now you have even less health to spare! It can push challenging into straight up frustrating. Like, throw your controller across the room in a tantrum frustrating; or my favourite the gripping the control so tight hoping that you don’t have a Hulk moment and crush your controller into powder.

More Armor?

The scales of frustration and intrigue are one that Dark Souls 3 will have to observe very carefully, microscopically. Every time you lose as a player, you improve and learn tricks to stay alive longer… finally a bit of redemption...But if those tricks are irrelevant by the next time ‘round because you have less health, what was the flipping point? Removing this mechanic and going back to the old way of Dark Souls 1 would save players from being pushed into the dark world of frustration. And whatever a hard core gamer may say, it is only nostalgia saying that we miss the fear of losing that last life. It was hell. Absolute hell. Hours of your life gone –lost in a haze of defeat. Having to turn human in Dark Souls II brought back those bad memories; so let gamers have their infinite attempts at impossible challenges, and save them from the excruciating pain and terror of the 'last life'.

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