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Elite Dangerous: Review and Gameplay
Blasting Enemies in Space


Flying towards a star

It's all too easy to make the same mistake as Icarus…

As of right now, it doesn’t matter how much of the galaxy you visit on your travels, you will not see single, solitary person who you can just sit down and enjoy a refreshing Neptune Rakia with. This is due in no small part to your pilot’s confinement to the cockpit of his ship, but one would think that the technology that makes Facetime possible would have preserved alongside developments in faster-than-light travel.

Future updates promise to grant pilots the freedom to roam around their ships, and eventually gad about the various space stations in the game. In all likelihood, these updates are a long ways off, but once they do arrive, the horizons of social interaction should be extended significantly.

Space station orbiting a Saturnine planet

The number of space stations avoiding scenic views like this is great.

In the meantime, the only “characters” in the game are the various movers and shakers you will read about on “Galnet” — a galactic news service that updates players about the ongoing story being written for the game by Frontier Developments — are the only characters in the game. For what it’s worth, a lot of these characters do seem to be quite interesting, so if Elite Dangerous ever receives something in the way of story-driven content, it certainly has a strong foundation to proceed from.

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