Madden NFL 20 Release Date - And 10 Features We're Excited For

Madden 20 Preview of the action

Madden NFL 20 Release Date - And 10 Features We're Excited For   Pat Mahommes is on the cover of Madden NFL 20.  A QB on the cover means offenses will be explosive this year.  Another tell, he's flexing that world class arm and looking at the bulging bicep that makes this kid the Superstar of all superstars in the NFL.  
  • July 25: If you have EA Access, Origin Access or Origin Access Premier you can get Madden 20 on this date
  • July 30: Madden 20 Superstar Edition releases
  • July 30: Madden 20 Ultimate Superstar Edition releases
  • August 2: Madden 20 Standard Edition releases
  • The 10 features of Madden 20 that we are most excited about:
10.  Updated player ratings and rosters    Nothing is more important to Madden than the updated ratings and rosters, it is the reason that this game is a best seller every single year, even though most of us, already have last years game.
  • Free Agency, Trades, draft rosters included
  • Team Strength is updated
  • 99ers are awesome
9.  The QB1 Face of the Franchise Take to the College grid iron, get drafted and begin your journey to become a force in the NFL.  Win the college championship, train for the draft, become a 1st rounder, then dominate the league.
  • Create a Player
  • Overcome the Combine
  • Become A Superstar
8.  The Superstar X-Factor This is a system to get in-game bonuses by completing certain tasks.  For instance, complete few bombs with Patrick Mahomes, and he gains`15 yards worth of arm strength.  Take your player to "The Zone", break records and light it up. This really adds to the RTS that is Madden.
  • Passing to players in "the zone"
  • Knocking players out of "the zone"
  • Real Time Strategy on how to use "the zone"
7.  Franchise Mode Run the draft, trade for the player you need to fit your scheme.  All new scenarios now affect your franchise. Players demand trades, hold out and more.  Get a more realistic feel on how it is to run an NFL team.
  • Fresh start draft
  • Manage your cap space
  • Set career records
6.  Ultimate Team This is basically Pokemon with football players instead...Gotta collect them all.  Well once you get them, head over to the next feature. Use those cards you collected to battle others online.
  • Open packs to see who you get
  • Play more to get better players
  • Collect and show off your players online
5.  Online, Exhibition Play This has and will always be the most appealing feature of Madden.  The whip-yo-friends and-talk-smack-while-you-do-it mode. Players can go online, or connect multiple controllers.  This is where bragging rights are born (they also die here).
  • Pound them into submission with your mobile QB
  • Run the no huddle to keep them off balance
  • Online leagues get quite competitive
4. Playbooks One thing about Madden, the playbook has evolved slowly.  Now, we get the plays that we want, jet sweeps, QB keepers, QB passing patterns, double reverses, RPO (run/pass options).  This playbook lineup is packed, and specific, unique plays are added to playbooks
  • Send your QB on a route
  • Snap direct to the RB
  • Jet sweep to keep em honest
3.  Pro Bowl Madden players love this game.  Go head to head and there are no excuses.  Pro Bowl players all have the superstar abilities.  So if you really want the high flying arcade experience this is the best way to do it.
  • 22 Superstars on the field
  • Test all the good players at once
  • Find the money plays
2.  Player Animations Interceptions were nerfed by animations, no longer.  Also the QB can put the ball over the LBs (I should be able to get through this year without breaking a controller).  The sack and TD celebrations are awesome.
  • Smoother transitions
  • Defensive players react better, don't stumble
  • Touch passes actually work
1.  NCAA Football Its only a 2 game season, and its only in QB1 mode, but that's better than any alternative in the world.  Finally we have (some) college football.
  • Win the Heisman
  • Play college football rules
  • Create history
  Madden 20 is loaded with hours of game play.  Well longer than the year that is will be flying off the shelves.  The new superstar abilities will make the game more exciting and its players more braggadocios.                    

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