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Games Like Deus Ex
Few games are as fun and exciting as the original Deus Ex

2. Prey

Prey- Fighting Off Phantoms Gameplay

For the very best in sci-fi and stealth, check out Arkane Studios’ 2017 hit Prey. After an experiment gone wrong, the alien collective known as the Typhon have taken over the Talos I spaceship. Morgan Yu, the last survivor on the ship, must take back control and stop the invasion before it’s too late. Set against the backdrop of an alternate world history, the game is rich with science fiction lore. Combined with a haunting approach to stealth gameplay, you’ll never know what to expect from the mysterious Typhon. Enemies can appear in the form of everyday objects, or even appear from nowhere, making for a tense and harrowing experience. Prey incorporates all of the best elements from the horror and sci-fi genres, making it familiar yet exciting for fans of Deus Ex.

A little too quiet: Enemies lurk around every corner inside the abandoned halls of the Talos I

The hunter becomes the hunted: Face off against creatures of all shapes and sizes in this terrifying sci-fi masterpiece

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