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Survivors of the Biohazards

12. Dying Light

Dying Light gameplay

In this survival horror, you play Kyle Cane, an undercover operative that is sent into the quarantine zone to find Kadir 'Rais' Suleiman.

As you explore a vast open world devastated by some sort of epidemic and filled with hordes of the undead; you must decide between completing the mission set by your agency, and helping the other survivors.

During the day, scavenge for supplies and craft weapons to defend yourself; for when the sun goes down, the horde becomes more aggressive and vicious inhuman monsters stalk the night.

Use any and all means at your disposal to survive until dawn.

Craft and use various weapons to defend yourself from the horde.

Everything changes at night

11. Dead Island

Dead Island gameplay

Banoi, a beautiful tropical paradise; gorgeous white sandy beaches, glittering turquoise waters and a horde of undead just waiting for you to slip up so they can devour you.

In this open world survival horror, you get to play as one of 4 characters, Logan Carter, Purna, Xian Mei or Sam B, as you attempt to survive and escape the zombie infested island of Banoi.

Each character has unique strengths, fighting styles and abilities that you will need to utilize to escape the island.

Scavenge for supplies; build, upgrade and modify various weapons to defend yourself. Keep everything; you never know when something might come in handy for a weapons mod.

Utilize all your options and you just might survive.

Melee, firearms, explosives? Which is your preferred weapon of choice?

Keep everything. You never know when something may come in handy.

10. Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 E3 Announce Trailer (Official International Version)

Set several months after the incident on Banoi Island; the undead have made it to the Golden State. California is now under full quarantine.

Much like its predecessor; you have the option of 4 playable characters: Ryan, Ashlee, John and Dani. Each character has their own unique attributes, abilities and strengths.

Scavenge, build and modify new and improved weapons as you attempt to survive the undead hordes.

Dead island 2 is currently under development and is scheduled for release by 2018.

Beware the Suicider; they explode when shot and are much faster than they look

Scavenge, build and modify new and exciting weapons to inflict maximum damage on the undead.

9. Deadlight

Deadlight gameplay

In this cinematic survival platformer; you play as Randall Wayne, a man that is searching for his family after come cataclysmic event in the 1980's decimated life on earth.

Learn to utilize your environment to your advantage as you run, jump, and climb on your quest for answers and your desperate search for those you love.

Parkour your way past stunning scenery where one misstep means death.

There are more zombies than bullets; utilize your environment to avoid the zombies

8. Until Dawn

Until Dawn gameplay

One year ago, ten friends traveled to Blackwood Mountain for their annual winter getaway; only eight come back.

Now, in this interactive drama survival horror, you play as the remaining eight friends as they return to Blackwood Mountain on the anniversary of their friend’s disappearance.

Once there, you quickly come to the realization that you are not alone on the mountain as an unknown assailant stalks your every move.

Search for answers and remember; every decision you make could be the difference between life and death. Can you survive Until Dawn?

Play as 8 different characters as you search for clues.

Beware; every decisions could mean the difference between life and death.

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