[Top 10] Albion Online Best Solo Builds That Are OP

Solo player roaming the wild.
Finally, a worth opponent.

Just because you're alone, doesn't mean you can't kill 'em.

Are you tired of dying alone in Albion Online? Are you sick of playing for hours to farm loot, only to lose them to those pesky gankers? Are you exhausted from losing your hard-earned silver to some random solo noob with OP build?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then maybe it’s time to rethink your builds!

If you want to die less (and kill more players) as a solo player, you should stick to builds that are tried and tested for solo players. Look no further, here are the top 10 Albion Online best solo builds.

10. Deathgivers Assassin

Top 3 Solo PvP Builds In Albion Online

“Now you see me. Now you don’t.”

—Every Deathgivers player ever

The Deathgivers is a lethal weapon in the right hands, but it could cost you a lot if you aren’t experienced and skilled enough. If you’re the kind of player who likes to show off your mechanical skills, then this build is for you.

Its main gameplay revolves around the single-target burst potential of the Deathgivers and its annoying invisibility tools.

Deathgivers’ Ghost Strike deals high single-target damage and turns you invisible for 1 second. This skill doesn’t go on cooldown if you have3 Assassin Spirit Charges or 3 Sunder charges on your target, allowing you to use this skill twice in a row—and this likely means death for your target.

The key is to stack your Assassin Spirit charges quickly, and you can do that via Assassin Spirit (Q3). This skill reduces your defenses while it’s active, but the bonus damage and combo potential with your Ghost Strike make it well worth it.

You can use Chain Slash (W5) for the added burst damage. But Shadow Edge (W4) is also a viable option, especially if your enemies keep running away. 

Assassin Jacket is great for hit-and-run tactics or for sneaking up on your targets. It’s also an additional survivability tool, which is always a good thing. Similarly, Hellion Shoes gives you another tool to hit your enemy from invisibility while also providing decent bonus damage.

The Jacket + Deathgivers + Hellion Shoes + Invisibility Potion (if you have them) combo is one of the most annoying yet effective ways to murder your enemies. This combo can easily burst down a solo opponent, and noobs probably won’t know what hit them.

Then you have the Thetford Cape for the consistent damage and Beef Stew for the bonus overall damage output.

What Deathgivers Assassin excels in:

  • Single-target burst damage
  • Hit-and-run tactics and escaping counterganks
  • Sneaking up on your targets

Deathgivers Assassin full details:

  • Weapon: Deathgivers
  • Head: Stalker Hood
  • Chest: Assassin Jacket
  • Shoes: Hellion Shoes
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Potion: Poison/Invisibility Potion
  • Food: Beef Stew

9. Fire Mage

Top 4 Best SOLO Builds In Albion Online 2022

Next on this list is a build with a very different playstyle from the previous one. With the Fire Mage build, you will play as a mage (surprise, surprise!).

Instead of sneaking up on your unfortunate targets and playing like an assassin, you’ll be blasting fireballs into your opponent’s face with this build.

Fire Bolt (Q1) is the Fire Staff’s main source of consistent damage. It deals decent damage + additional DOT. And did I mention that it has ZERO cooldown?

In many situations, all you’ll be doing is spamming your Q skill as you watch your enemy’s HP bar go down.

Wall of Flames (W2) is the main utility skill of the Fire Staff weapon tree. It creates a wall that deals damage and makes your enemies flee when they make contact. The flee effect makes this skill highly effective against melees as they won’t be able to come near you.

Fire Artillery (W5) is another W skill that deals good damage. The problem, though, is that it’s a channeling skill, which leaves you vulnerable while casting it.

The Fire Staff’s unique skill, Pyroblast, is pretty straightforward—deal a large amount of damage and burn your target. And it’s useful for finishing off your targets.

The Hunter Hood, Cleric Robe, Guardian Boots, and Healing Potion are all for your survivability. The Fire Staff already deals very high damage on its own, so it’s better to focus more on ensuring that you live long enough to deal damage and kill your enemies.

These items also offer small bonus utilities that can be impactful in certain situations: Hunter Hood - reflect and resistance increase; Cleric Robe - immunity and bonus damage; Guardian Boots - health increase and movement speed bonus.

The Thetford Cape is a welcome addition to the already high damage output of this set as it gives you more consistent damage. The Tome of Spells also increases your overall DPS thanks to the cast time reduction, and its mana regen bonus is a small yet helpful addition as well.

Similarly, Pork Omelette boosts your DPS by reducing your cast times and cooldowns.

What Fire Mage excels in:

  • Dealing high amounts of magical damage
  • Fighting and kiting melee enemies
  • Great for open-world roaming (good PVP and PVE damage)

Fire Mage full details:

  • Weapon: Fire Staff
  • Off-Hand: Tome of Spells
  • Head: Hunter Hood
  • Body: Cleric Robe
  • Shoes: Guardian Boots
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Potion: Healing Potion
  • Food: Pork Omelette

8. Light Crossbow Burst

light crossbow pvp - roads of avalon p.08

If you’ve ever faced a player who, seemingly out of nowhere, just instantly deletes your HP, then they were probably using the Light Crossbow Burst build. This build can deal insane burst damage in just a few seconds, and most of the time, your enemies won’t see it coming.

Both Auto Fire (Q1) and Explosive Bolt (Q2) are good for PvP because of their high damage, with Auto Fire dealing single-target burst damage and Explosive Bolt dealing damage in a small AOE.

Knockback Shot (W1) is one of the main W skills for the Light Crossbow. You can use it to interrupt and knock back your opponents, but it’s a bit difficult to land because of its small hitbox and slow projectile.

The most used W skill for Crossbows is the Noise Eraser (W4). It’s better than Knockback Shot in most situations simply because it deals more damage and has a longer range. But instead of knocking back your target, it silences them for 5 seconds.

If you want to truly master this weapon (and build), you should learn how to effectively utilize its second passive skill, Well-Prepared. Even though it’s just a passive skill, it’s the key to unlocking this weapon’s insane burst damage potential.

The individual skills of the Light Crossbow deal good enough damage on their own, but mastering proper cooldown management and correct cycling of your skills will boost your kill potential further

Well-Prepared resets the cooldown of your Q skill for every 4 spells that you cast. This means you can use your Q successively if you cycle through your skills correctly. Imagine receiving two consecutive Explosive Bolts to your face!

The usual combo goes: Explosive Bolt -> Noise Eraser/Exploding Shot -> Exploding Shot/Noise Eraser -> Explosive Bolt -> Explosive Bolt (cooldown reset due to Well-Prepared).

Hitting a target with this full combo will most likely erase them from the battlefield or, worst-case scenario, be left with at least 10-20% HP.

Mage Cowl helps you kill your enemies with its high DOT, and Beef Stew gives you bonus damage overall.

The rest of the build focuses on survivability since you already dish out enough damage on the weapon alone. Cleric Robe can make or break a fight, depending on how good you are at timing it. Facebreaker is the perfect off-hand because it gives you the best of both worlds: you get bonus damage while you also receive a defense boost. 

Soldier Boots is good for both chasing someone and escaping a stick situation. The Undead Cape and Resistance Potion give you extra survival tools when things don’t go your way.

Well-Prepared also activates when using your other skills, so you can also incorporate them into your combos. Something like: Explosive Bolt -> Poison -> Attack -> Noise Eraser/Exploding Shot -> Explosive Bolt -> Explosive Bolt could definitely work.

What Light Crossbow Burst excels in:

  • Very quick burst damage
  • One-on-one head-on combat
  • Surprise damage that catches your enemies off guard

Light Crossbow Burst full details:

  • Weapon: Light Crossbow
  • Off-Hand: Facebreaker
  • Head: Mage Cowl
  • Body: Cleric Robe
  • Shoes: Soldier Boots
  • Cape: Undead Cape
  • Potion: Resistance Potion
  • Food: Beef Stew

7. Bearpaws Bruiser

Bear Paws SOLO PVP | Where did they all come from? Albion Online

If you’re the type of player who likes the melee DPS playstyle of hitting enemies until they die, then this build might just be for you. As the build’s name implies, Bearpaws Bruiser is a bruiser—you get into your target’s face and smack them until they bleed to death.

Rending Rage (Q) is your main Q skill and your consistent source of bleed damage. Also, casting it for the 3rd consecutive time allows you to jump to an area and root all enemies on impact. 

Adrenaline Rush (W2) is your main brawler W skill. It gives you good damage, attack speed, and movement speed bonuses—everything you need to be able to go in your opponent’s face and start smacking.

Raging Blades (W5) is a good PVP skill as well, dealing AOE damage and buffing your damage for every enemy you hit. But it’s often outclassed by Adrenaline Rush most of the time.

The Bearpaws’ Razor Cut is an all-around good skill that offers both mobility and damage. It also has the added utility of reducing your cooldowns by 40% whenever you hit at least 1 enemy with this skill.

If you find yourself low on HP, the Hellion Jacket is your lifesaver. Its Life Steal Aura is decent for 1v1s, but it’s amazing for 1vXs. The more enemies you hit, the more HP you recover—allowing you to potentially turn a losing 1v3 fight into a win. You can also use it with the Resistance Potion to increase your chance of surviving.

Both Hunter Hood and Hellion Hood are viable for this build. Hellion Hood is the better option if you like taking outnumbered fights or if you feel like you’ll be facing more groups than solo players. But Hunter Hood is better if you have a hard time dealing with other solo players or single-target bursts.

Demon Boots is a handy escape tool when you just can’t handle the overwhelming number of noobs ganging up on you. Lymhurst Cape lets you last longer in fights by regenerating your mana. And, Beef Stew is helpful for the additional damage buff.

What Bearpaws Bruiser excels in:

  • Slow but consistent damage over time
  • Tanking damage (and surviving) while also dealing damage
  • Taking 1v2 or 1v3 fights (and winning)

Bearpaws Bruiser full details:

  • Weapon: Bearpaws
  • Head: Hunter Hood/Hellion Hood
  • Body: Hellion Jacket
  • Shoes: Demon Boots
  • Cape: Lymhurst Cape
  • Potion: Resistance Potion/Poison Potion
  • Food: Beef Stew

6. Roaming Warbow

Open World Warbow | Albion Online PvP

If the previous build requires you to go as near your enemies as possible, this one is the exact opposite. With the Roaming Warbow build, you’ll consistently stay as far from your enemies as possible but also near enough to deal damage. We all know this strategy by its name: kiting.

All of the Warbow’s skills are built for kiting. Deadly Shot (Q2) is a long-ranged skillshot that damages and slightly reduces the enemies’ resistances. It has a range of 18m, allowing you to hit an enemy just right on the edge of your screen.

Frost Shot (W2) is your main W skill. It’s a great mobility skill that’s useful for both chasing a target and running away. It also slows down the targetted area, preventing any enemies from chasing you.

The Warbow’s Magic Arrow deals more damage the farther the target is. Technically, the damage increase is based on the time that has passed since you cast the skill. But since the time passed and distance are directly proportional to each other, there’s practically no difference!

Your Fiend Cowl is for purging enemy buffs, especially melee DPS who are trying to come near you. Removing their movement speed bonuses prevents them from catching up, giving you more opportunities to kite them. The purge is also great against damage or healing buffs like Adrenaline Rush, Bloodlust, and Life Steal Aura.

The Assassin Jacket, Undead Cape, and Invis Pots are for added survivability. Though, you can also the Assassin Jacket for sneaking up on your targets. Finally, Pork Omelette and Hunter Shoes’ Refreshing Sprint give you cooldown reduction, which is useful for a kiting playstyle.

What Roaming Warbow excels in:

  • Long-range and drawn-out fights
  • Great kiting potential
  • Outnumbered fights - as long as you know how to kite effectively

Roaming Warbow full details:

  • Weapon: Warbow
  • Head: Fiend Cowl
  • Body: Assassin Jacket
  • Shoes: Hunter Shoes
  • Cape: Undead Cape
  • Potion: Invisibility Potion/Sticky Potion
  • Food: Pork Omelette

5. Battle Bruiser


This next build is a mechanically complex but rewarding one to play. The Battle Bruiser is about jumping into your opponent’s face and blasting them with punches and combos. Although it’s a bruiser build, its gameplay isn’t as straightforward as other bruisers.

The War Gloves weapon tree possesses a wide variety of utility and combos, and Battle Bracers is no exception. Unlike the other bruiser builds on this list, this one is focused less on auto-attacking your enemies to death and more on setting up mini-combos. 

Dragon Leap (Q2) + Triple Kick (W1) + Falcon Smash is your main set for combos, and you can use them in any order depending on the situation. Your imagination is the limit!

The most common (and relatively easiest) combos are Dragon Leap + Triple Kick + Dragon Leap + Falcon Smash, or Triple Kick + Dragon Leap + Dragon Leap + Falcon Smash. As long as you hit an enemy with your 1st Dragon Leap, you can cast it again with the added interrupt.

Assassin Jacket lets you surprise your target with your combos, and you can use it to escape in case you get counterganked. The Hunter Shoes’ Refreshing Spirit not only boosts your speed but also slightly reduces your cooldowns, giving you more opportunities to perform your combos.

Fiend Cowl is for purging your targets. It’s perfect against running enemies since they’ll most likely use movement speed buffs to run away. But it’s also good against other buffs like Bloodlust and Adrenaline Boost.

The Poison Potion and Beef Stew are for the additional damage. And Undead Cape provides a last-minute escape opportunity for those rare emergency situations.

What Battle Bruiser excels in:

  • Decent mobility + good damage
  • Interrupting your enemies
  • Outplay potential

Battle Bruiser full details:

  • Weapon: Battle Bracers
  • Head: Fiend Cowl
  • Body: Assassin Jacket
  • Shoes: Hunter Shoes
  • Cape: Undead Cape
  • Potion: Poison Potion
  • Food: Beef Stew

4. Double-Bladed Ganker

Double Bladed | Solo PvP | BEST SOLO BUILD?? | Albion Online

Most people say that gankers are cowards who like to gang up on solo people. They say that gankers usually fight 5vs1 because they’re too afraid to fight fair.

Well, that’s actually true. But not all the time!

Experienced and skilled gankers can gank people alone, and they usually do so even when outnumbered.

If you’re one of these experienced and skilled gankers (or wish you were), then you should try the Double-Bladed Ganker build. This build relies on chasing down and CCing your targets while you deal consistent damage.

You can opt for either Concussive Blow (Q1) or Cart Wheel (Q2). Both are viable options, but Concussive Blow is often better for solo players because it has higher damage and more reliable CC.

The Combination of Stun Run (W2) and Soaring Swipe—Double Bladed Staff’s main skill—turns your target’s worst nightmare into a reality. It’s practically impossible to escape from this combo unless your target is using a build specialized for escaping, with multiple mobility and escape tools. Even then, your Fiend Cowl can take care of their movement speed buff.

Unlike in most other builds, you would be using the Hunter Shoes’ Rush instead of Refreshing Sprint. Rush buffs your CC duration, helping you lock down your targets longer. 

Demon Cape, Poison Potion, and Pork Omelette are all included for additional DPS. Demon Cape deals high damage in a small area, but its downside is that it’s stationary—your target would simply have to get away from the pool of lava so they don’t die.

Fortunately, Demon Cape is great with the Double Bladed Staff because the latter allows you to lock your opponents in place, so they’re forced to drown and melt in the pool of lava. Coupled with a Rush buff, Stun Run + Demon Cape will guarantee a dismount. 

What Double-Bladed Ganker excels in:

  • Good, consistent damage + high mobility
  • Stunning and interrupting your targets
  • Chasing down enemies/poor gatherers

Double-Bladed Ganker full details:

  • Weapon: Double-Bladed Staff
  • Head: Fiend Cowl
  • Body: Assassin Jacket
  • Shoes: Hunter Shoes
  • Cape: Demon Cape
  • Potion: Poison Potion
  • Food: Pork Omelette

3. Solo Mace

Top 5 Solo Open World PvP/Ganking Builds

The One-Handed Mace is an excellent weapon on its own, but this build helps it reach its full potential.

You can use this build either as a ganker or a bruiser. Either way, your gameplay will be very similar. All you have to do is stun and hit your enemies, then repeat as many times needed—in other words, until your enemy dies.

Defensive Slam (Q1) is a decent damage-dealing skill that also boosts your resistances. It only has less than 3 seconds of cooldown, so spamming it is the way to go. Threatening Smash (Q2) is also decent, but trading off the defense boost for the AOE damage isn’t that attractive when you’re looking for solo fights.

Your main W skill is Snare Charge (W2), which provides damage, CC, and mobility. The damage isn’t that high, but the added CC and mobility make it a staple in this build.

Snare Charge also works well with your Deep Leap. With this combo, only a select few builds can run away from you. And if you play it right, your enemies will spend half of the fight stunned and standing still! 

Fiend Cowl—if you haven’t noticed already—is a must-have for solo players due to the excellent utility that its Purge offers. Similarly, Assassin Jacket is the main chest piece for the surprise attack and escape options that it offers.

Mistcaller, Refreshing Sprint, and Pork Omelette all contribute to lowering your skill’s cooldowns. Since some of your skills have slightly long cooldowns, cooldown reductions help a lot in giving you more DPS and mobility.

You can also use Rush instead of Refreshing Sprint for the additional CC duration. It all depends on the situation and your playstyle.

The Thetford Cape and Poison Potion are there for the bonus DPS. The additional damage they provide is often enough to finish off your enemies.

What Solo Mace excels in:

  • Locking down enemies with hard CCs
  • Decent damage but good mobility
  • Unplugging your opponents’ keyboard and mouse (they won’t be able to move during most of the fight if you do it right)

Solo Mace full details:

  • Weapon: One-Handed Mace
  • Off-Hand: Mistcaller
  • Head: Fiend Cowl
  • Body: Assassin Jacket
  • Shoes: Hunter Shoes
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Potion: Poison Potion
  • Food: Pork Omelette

2. THE Bloodletter

Top 3 Solo PvP Builds In Albion Online

As most players know, the Bloodletter is one of the best (if not the best) weapons in the game. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a build featuring this item is ranked very highly on this list.

THE Bloodletter build has very straightforward gameplay—hit your enemies with all your skills, then finish them off with your Lunging Stabs. But this doesn’t mean that it’s easy to play. In fact, Bloodletter is one of the weapons with the highest skill ceiling.

Bloodletter has a relatively versatile skill set due to its W skills that offer various utilities. For solo PvP, the best W skills are Shadow Edge (W4) and Chain Slash (W5). Shadow Edge is good for ganking solo. But Chain Slash is better for fighting players, especially when you’re outnumbered.

Dead Swipe (Q2) is your main Q skill for mobility and consistent damage + the bonus mana regen whenever you hit an enemy. Unlike Deathgivers, Bloodletter doesn’t rely on combos, so you don’t really need to use Assassin Spirit for this build.

Fighting against a Bloodletter at 40% HP is a death sentence. You can deal an insane amount of damage on multiple enemies with your Lunging Stabs as long as you know how to time it right.

Your main strategy for 1v1s is to spam Deadly Swipe and use Chain Slash whenever possible. And once you get your enemy down to less than 40% HP, use Lunging Stabs for the finishing blow. If that still doesn’t kill them, then they’ll probably be at 10% at most—easy for you to finish them off with your other skills and auto-attacks.

For outnumbered fights, you’d have to use your Deadly Swipe more carefully. It becomes more of a kiting too, and the same goes for Chain Slash.

The Mage Cowl, Thetford Cape, and Beef Stew all help boost your DPS, making it much quicker for you to bring your opponent’s HP down for your Lunging Stabs. Poison Potion adds some nice DOT and also resistance reduction, which boosts the damage from your other skills.

And if you still aren’t satisfied with the mobility this build has, you can add in Soldier Boots for Wanderlust. This item is great for both chasing and escaping. But since you’ll have plenty of skills to chase anyway, you’re better off saving this for emergency situations (aka when you’re dying).

What THE Bloodletter excels in:

  • Bursting your enemies down
  • Relatively quicker fights (since you’re gonna be bursting down your opponents)
  • Making your opponents ragequit

THE Bloodletter full details:

  • Weapon: Bloodletter
  • Off-Hand: Muisak
  • Head: Mage Cowl
  • Body: Cleric Robe
  • Shoes: Soldier Boots
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Potion: Poison Potion
  • Food: Beef Stew

1. Open-World Spear

Top 3 Solo PvP Builds In Albion Online

Finally, on the top of this list is the Open-World One-Handed Spear build.

Some people may disagree with the One-Handed Spear being the top 1, but there’s a reason why a lot of players—from beginners to veterans—commonly use this weapon in the open world. It’s undeniably one of the most versatile weapons in the game, offering tons of utility, mobility, and damage.

One-Handed Spear is a highly flexible weapon thanks to the wide range of utilities of the Spear weapon tree and its high-damage mobile skill, Reckless Charge.

Most other weapons on this list rely on burst damage to bring an enemy down. But this build is the opposite.

Instead of instant high-damage combos, the Open-World Spear uses sustained, consistent damage to kill your enemies. Your Lunging Stabs (Q1) lets you poke your enemies, dealing damage to them while also slowing them down. But that’s not all—it also gives you Spirit Spear Charges that boost your auto-attacks.

Cripple (W3) is a good skill for chasing as it prevents your targets from running away. It deals decent damage and slows, and if you manage to purge a speed buff from your target, you get a speed bonus of your own plus a nice damage buff.

You can also use Deflecting Spin (W4) as a possible alternative. It’s a channeled, defensive skill that increases your resistances and reflects any damage you take. Though, it works better with a Mercenary Jacket instead of an Assasin Jacket, as the latter leans more toward a maneuvering and kiting playstyle.

For most open-world players, the main W skill for this build is Impaler (W5). It’s a strong AOE nuke that also slows your enemies. Combined with your Lunging Stabs and Reckless Charge, it’s almost impossible for any target to escape.

The cooldown reduction and attack speed bonus from the Torch increase your poke damage (aka auto-attack) and overall DPS. Similarly, Deadwater Eel Stew and Thetford Cape also help boost your DPS through sustained damage.

Poison Potion is for the additional damage via DOT and resistance reduction. But if you find yourself losing HP more often, Healing Potion is a possible alternative.

Soldier Boots is great for escaping whenever you get counterganked or chased by a large group. It’s also good for chasing your targets, but your weapon’s insane mobility makes this unnecessary.

Finally, the Hunter Hood adds to your overall survivability, which is important since this build relies on sustained damage to kill.

What Open-World Spear excels in:

  • Good sustained/consistent damage
  • One of the most versatile weapons in the game
  • One of the most mobile weapon
  • Open-World roaming/navigation due to good damage and amazing utility
  • Fighting while outnumbered

Open-World Spear full details:

  • Weapon: One-Handed Spear
  • Off-Hand: Torch
  • Head: Hunter Hood
  • Body: Assassin Jacket/Mercenary Jacket
  • Shoes: Soldier Boots
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Potion: Healing/Poison Potion
  • Food: Deadwater Eel Stew

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