[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Tanks That Are Hard To Kill

Tanks are durable front-line heroes!

Tanks are durable front-line heroes who can stage encounters and pave the way for damage dealers to capitalize on. They are the foundation of any team composition and usually roam in support of allies carrying out objectives and tasks. Tanks lead team formation and strategies while also shielding allies from high energy damage. Tank is not a carry role and tank users should be able to team up and support allies, especially damage dealers. In this article, we rank the best durable tanks in order of excellence.

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10. Akai (Good)

"Now Akai enters the scene."

Akai is a formative Crowd Control (CC) hero, alongside his other specialty as a Guard. With more dual role tanks being released and his complicated gameplay, he makes this list at number 10, but would rank higher in other Tank lists. He has a superb combination that requires precision and timing while having a skill set that comprises Buff, Mobility, Area of Effect (AoE) and Crowd Control (CC) effects. He is a master CC hero.

Understanding Akai requires timing in his skill combo execution. Whether you’re playing or going up against this rolling panda, it is his combination of skills that are unique to him and what he brings to the battlefield. The core of his skills lies in his Passive, which generates a shield and amps his other skills. It allows Akai to execute his skills within close proximity and survive close encounters while carrying out his core role, by pushing, staging and engaging along the front-lines. His skills may be engaged in both attack and retreat strategies.

What makes Akai a Great Tank:

  • Crowd Control/Guard - These are Akai’s specialties and complement each other in suppressing opponents. As a Guard, Akai can initiate and engage in the front-lines, especially with the support of allies.
  • Mobility - Aside from his Passive Skill being a buff, his First Skill can launch him into a charge that can also deal damage. These can be engaged without opponents in range but aid in movement and mobility, also in retreat strategies.
  • Passive Skill - Tai Chi generates a 4 second shield while also providing potential to deal extra Physical Damage.
  • Skill Combination - Akai’s Ultimate Skill Heavy Spin is a control tool that can pave the way for his other skills to be brought into play. He is a fundamental control hero who can suppress multiple opponents at once.

See Akai in action: 

9. Baxia (Good)

"Rocks need no protection from the rain."

Baxia, The Mystic Tortoise is known for his agility and specializes in damage/support. He is the only Tank on this list who is also recommended for jungling as a core. His core strengths lie in mobility, where he is an optimal roam hero with skills that have Buff, Debuff, Crowd Control (CC), Area of Effect (AoE), Slow, Damage and Speed Up attributes.

Perhaps Baxia’s greatest strength is his Ultimate Skill that grants him 30% movement speed for 10 seconds and allows him to engage in poking and initiating. His additional skills aid in damage, while he can effectively stage encounters with his extreme durability rated at 100%. His Passive Skill can mark opponents and enhance Baxia’s shield effects which balances his damage potential. He requires timing in assuring that his Ultimate Skill can be engaged successfully.

What makes Baxia a Great Tank: 

  • Damage/Support - These are his specialties that perfectly complement each other, making Baxia an all round hero in engaging, supporting and dealing damage.
  • Passive Skill - Baxia Mark buffs him up, while debuffing opponents. It perfectly complements his specialties and skill set, including his durability and versatility.
  • Skill Combination - His Ultimate Skill Tortoise's Puissance allows him to launch into attack while his Passive can sustain and suppress during engagement. His other two skills have damage that perfectly works in tandem with his CC and AoE prowess.

See Baxia in action:

8. Chip (Good)

"Who said there are no shortcuts in life? I literally invented one."

Chip, The Phase Technician is the latest hero released by Mobile Legends in 2024 and is a Support Tank who specializes in Support and Crowd Control (CC) while recommended for Roaming. He has Five Skills, that includes a Special Skill that allows him to teleport. In all, his skills have Heal, Crowd Control (CC), Area of Effect (AoE), Speed Up and Teleport attributes, making him an evasive and durable hero who can be played as a utility hero.

Chip is a fun hero to play, and stands out for his versatility and endurance. He is a great support hero who can sustain damage thanks to his Passive Skill (Snack Time) that regenerates his HP by 150 and up to 15%. He is then backed with mobility, CC and AoE that can slow opponents while also having teleport abilities within 2 of his 5 skills, the other being his Ultimate Skill (Shortcut). Chip can support any hero role with the capacity to take on the front-lines with his evasive teleporting attributes but requires practice, timing and positioning to see his full potential.

What makes Chip a Great Tank:

  • Support/Crowd Control - These are his specialties. As a Support, he is versatile as a utility in staging encounters or aiding allies in objectives. Additionally, Chip has good mobility that recommends him as a roaming hero.
  • Endurance - Chip is able to last long during encounters and if timed well, can have detrimental effects on the opposing team, especially in pushing for dominance over the battlefield. As a roam hero, he is capable of traversing where needed, aiding allies and inspiring gameplay.
  • Five Skills - Unlike other heroes, Chip has five skills, 4 including a special skill that allows him to teleport, thus enhancing his teleport abilities, making him more evasive and harder to counter.

See Chip in action: 


7. Tigreal (Best)

"March on! Sound the horn of victory!".

Tigreal, The Warrior of Dawn is a must-have hero for those looking to master the tank role, especially in Crowd Control (CC). He is a Support/Tank who specializes in CC and has skill attributes that consist of Buff, Area of Effect (AoE), Mobility and Slow effects. For only 6500, he is a great score for newbies looking to get acquainted with tank roles and objectives. 

Perhaps what stands out most about Tigreal is his durability, mobility and ability to stage engagements. As a roam hero, he is able to gank, kite and support allies effectively with a high chance of survival. He is a fierce front-liner. Tigreal is complex but basic due to his combination of skills that can disengage multiple heroes, and is a great initiator. Mastering his combo is key to support carrying games with Tigreal.  

What makes Tigreal a Great Tank: 

  • Crowd Control/Initiation - His skills are designed to match his specialties with their intimate detail, especially as a combination. He is a significant roam hero for this reason and can effectively and flexibly engage as a utility. This is a great support mechanism that makes Tigreal a valuable team support.
  • Passive Skill - Fearless is a Buff that allows Tigreal to block the next basic attack when stacked at 4. He gains fearless when he deals damage or when damage is absorbed. This skill gives an edge over close interaction and allows Tigreal to initiate.
  • Skill Combination - His Second Skill Sacred Hammer has two phases where he can dash and knock opponents airborne on second touch. This can pave the way for his Ultimate Skill Implosion to suppress opponents and deal damage through his First Skill Shock Wave. In addition, his skills can impact multiple opponents at once, making Tigreal a superior control hero.
  • Flexibility - Tigreal is a support mechanism through his range of tactical skills. As an initiator, he can roam and engage through endurance. Tigreal is a team hero and requires a team effort to see the most in him.

See Tigreal in action: 

6. Atlas (Best)

"The ocean is not just our home, it is who we are."

Atlas, The Ocean Gladiator is a robust machine who is known for initiating which happens to be one of his specialties, alongside Crowd Control (CC). His skills form a combination that allows him to attack and engage along the front-lines with attributes that cover Buff, Debuff, Area of Effect and CC. He is a strategic tank who relies on team composition and engagement.

His skill combination requires positioning and timing to be able to initiate and successfully disrupt opponent front-lines. With this in mind, it is his Passive Skill that is leveraged to see his skills in full effect. It reduces opponent movement by 50% and gradually turns them into a frozen state for 0.5 seconds, after which Atlas gains magic and physical defense. This allows him to engage and survive close encounters while also paving the way for allies to capitalize.

What makes Atlas a Great Tank: 

  • Initiation/Crowd Control - Atlas skills in all their essence cover these specialties where he can launch into attack and then suppress. He is like an advanced version of Tigreal who is fun and entertaining to play through his flexibility.
  • Passive Skill -  Frigid Breath is a Buff/Debuff that enhances Atlas movement skills whilst slowing down opponents to a point where they’re frozen. It is a perfect aid that ought to be leveraged alongside his specialties.
  • Skill Combination - Atlas Second Skill Perfect Match can eject Atlas and launch him into 40% movement speed with the capacity to deal magic damage at the end. This can pave the way for his Ultimate or First Skill in dealing damage and slowing down opponents through CC and AoE.

See Atlas in action: 

5. Edith (Best)

"I am the priestess of Primal Lightning, the hunter of all the Evil Gods."

Edith, The Ancient Guard is a unique Tank/Marksman who inspires teams through this unique dynamic. She has a 100% Control rating, which is one of her specialties aside from Burst and can deal mixed damage. She is recommended for the Exp Lane or as a Roam, which makes her a utility hero. Her skills consist of Buff, Crowd Control (CC), Area of Effect and Morph attributes. Edith requires a high level of mastery to see her real impact in battle.

Edith is a unique hero, the first dual role tank/marksman in Mobile Legends. She can morph and deal mixed damage, from range and up close. Her Passive Skill amps her other skills and deals extra magic damage on other opponents and creeps. Her unique composition of skills and attributes grants her tactics that are unique to her presence. Edith is a hero who brings a dynamic variety in gameplay to battle and can cover a range of objectives and tasks as a utility.

What makes Edith a Great Tank: 

  • Burst/Control - This is a unique combination of specialties that allows Edith to stage and engage in her own encounter through CC and Burst effects.
  • Dual Role - She is the only Marksman/Tank in Mobile Legends and is impressively recommended for the Express Lane where she has better chances against opposing Fighters.
  • Versatility/Flexibility - Ediths dual role prowess grants her flexibility and versatility where her impact may be felt as a roam in the late stages of gameplay. She can also deal burst damage, which adds to her capabilities as a all round endurable damage dealer.
  • Skill Set - Her Skills are amped by her Passive Skill and can see her enter two states, with or without her armor (Pylax). Her specialties can be engaged as a hyper carry or support and makes her an outstanding utility in any team composition.

See Edith in action: 

4. Franco (Excellent)

"I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning!"

Franco, The Frozen Warrior is one of the oldest support tanks, and one of the first with range. He is known for his durability and ability to suppress the front-lines while his famous hook skill has remained one of the most feared, and one that must be mastered to see real potential. His skills have attributes that cover Buff, Crowd Control, Damage, Burst and Slow effects while he specializes in initiation/control.

Aside from his hook, Franco has an effective skill combo, where he can attack from range, reel in and then suppress and deal damage. Though he only attacks one hero at a time, he has durability to sustain engagements and pave the way for damage dealers in his team to capitalize on, both from range and in close scenarios. He is also fast on his feet and is an effective laner via the use of his skills.

What makes Franco a Great Tank: 

  • Initiation/Control - These are his specialties, where he can stage and suppress opponents with his skill combo and durability as a support, where he stands out as a tank who can protect and pave attack for damage dealers.
  • Mobility - Though big and robust, Franco is fast on his feet, while also being buffed by his Passive Skill Wasteland Force that enhances his movement by 20% every 5 seconds when damage isn’t taken and can stack up to 6 times.
  • Skill Combination - Franco can deal mixed damage, where he can attack from near and far. His hook is a powerful tool that can be game changing and paves the way for his other skills to be successfully utilized.

See Franco in action: 

3. Johnson(Excellent)

"Come on! Let’s roll!"

Johnson, The Wild Engine is always a highly favored tank/support in higher ranks. His capacity to team up with allies brings excitement and fun to any team composition. With his unique morph ability to transform into a mustang and transverse the battlefield, he also has skills that comprise Shield, Crowd Control (CC), Area of Effect (AoE) and Slow effects while specializing in Support/CC.

Johnson is best teamed with the hyper carry or carry in the latter stages of battle. He can also help in clearing lanes or in poking and attacking the front-lines. His durability is extended through his Passive and Second Skill that have shield effects that can be leveraged in team confrontations. Mastering Johnson requires the ability to pair up well alongside allies.

What makes Johnson a Great Tank:

  • Support/CC - These are his specialties and can be easily felt through his dependence on damage dealers through the use of his Ultimate Skill Morphing ability. 
  • Durability - His Passive Skill Electro Airbag generates a shield when his HP drops below 30%. This almost seems as two phases and aids in his skill engagement and mobility in tight situations. 
  • Ultimate Skill - Full Throttle allows Johnson to morph into a mustang and speed through the battlefield with the option of carrying one ally. This is a powerful combo skill that surrounds his gameplay with fun, interaction and teamwork.

See Johnson in action: 

2. Ruby (Excellent)

"The hunt begins."

Ruby, The Little Red Hood is a meta favorite this season and well known for her endurance. As a dual role Tank/Fighter, she specializes in Crowd Control (CC) and Regen with skills that have Buff, Area of Effect (AoE), Slow and Crowd Control (CC) effects. Timing is required when attempting to master Ruby, where she excels as a utility hero who can play in almost any position, from the front to back lanes, and alongside in support of almost all other heroes.

Ruby is compatible and versatile. Her Passive Skill (Let’s Dance!) is a spell vamp that also allows her to generate Magic and Physical Defense up to three times, in addition to a dash. This skill paves the way for effective engagement of her other skills, especially when taking on opponents and objectives. It renders her a genuine laner, capable of split push and leading charge over opponent territory. Depending on your style of gameplay, timing and positioning brings out the best in Ruby, where she is also capable of carrying teams to victory.

What makes Ruby a Great Tank:

  • Crowd Control/Regen - These are her specialties that are amongst the best paired for any hero. This unique combination sustains her during interaction, providing her with endurance and the capacity to make an impact in various encounters, whether as a team or solo.
  • Versatile/Utility - Ruby is durable and can inflict combination damage. She is best played as a Roam, utilizing the element of surprise or even as a core in the jungle. Additionally, she can push lanes rapidly and provide support for all other hero roles.
  • Life Steal/Endurance - Her Passive Skill grants her a spell vamp that impacts her HP on successful engagement. Learning to time this element of Ruby with proper positioning is key to mastering her.
  • Crowd Control/Area of Effect - CC and AoE make up the greatest portion of attributes within her skill set. This allows her to impact multiple foes at once, granting her superiority through her endurance in staging and pushing along the front lines.

See Ruby in action: 

1. Minotaur (Excellent)

"I, Minotaur, will finish off what was left undone!"

Minotaur, The Son of Minos is a spectacular support tank who is known for his ability to regenerate HP and generate rage, while specializing in Crowd Control (CC). For only 15,000 Battle Points, he is a great hero to own in filling in gaps by taking on multiple roles and objectives as a dual role support tank in roaming. His skills have Buff, Crowd Control, Slow and Heal effects that effectively make up the core elements of the tank role.

Minotaur is an essential hero for those looking to rank up fast. He can inspire teams to victory by effectively aiding damage dealers and also through his durability and endurance. A lot can be said about this front-line beast but it is fundamental to understand his Ultimate Skill to gain true mastery. He relies on his buff for impact and can stage encounters with a high rate of survival. Minotaur takes the top spot on this list for his endurance in being hard to kill and building rage, while also being able to inspire allies through HP Regen and carry the tank role in all its dimensions.

What makes Minotaur a Great Tank: 

  • Crowd Control - This is Minotaurs specialty, and is seen through his First and Ultimate Skill. He can even knock opponents airborne. His CC abilities are felt through his role as a Support, where he can stage and engage team interaction along the front-line. He can also gank and kite since he is a roam choice.
  • Passive Skill - Rage Incarnate is a buff skill that allows Minotaur to aid allies in HP Regen as well as reducing an opponent's hybrid defense. This is essential to his front-line exposure and must be leveraged or he will be defenseless.
  • Ultimate Skill - Minoan Fury is what Minotaur is known for, where he enters an enraged state that buffs his skills and attributes. He can knock opponents airborne, while increasing his damage and gaining counter cc effects. This is the basis behind his strengths and paves the way for team interaction along the front-lines and in battle.

See Minotaur in action: 


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