[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best DPS Heroes That Wreck Hard! (Latest Patch)

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Witness who are the badass heroes that deal immeasurable amount of damage per second.

Do you want to know who the deadliest DPS heroes are in Mobile Legends? Find out here!

Mobile Legends encompasses heroes with different capabilities. Some specialize in healing, defending, and stunning, while others take charge of dealing lethal damage per second. These are the so-called DPS heroes who become unstoppable during late games. These are mostly marksman and fighter heroes who are not dependent on their skills but on their basic attacks.

Refer to our list below as we provide the best DPS heroes in the Mobile Legends right now that will definitely redefine your gaming experience.

10. Masha

Beware of this powerful tank-fighter hyber hero!

Masha relies on her basic attacks, especially in knocking enemies out. Every time Masha loses 1% of her HP, her attack speed increases by 1%! This makes her a reliable hero during mid to late games.

The moment Masha awakens her Wild Power, her movement speed and basic attack boosts, earning her a great advantage against opponents. If you're fighting against an enemy Masha, ensure that you are equipped with items that can help you keep up with her durability.

What makes Masha Powerful:

  • Difficult to kill
  • Very durable
  • High mobility

See Masha In action: 

The Next Level Play!! Masha 100% OP with Hybrid Tanky - Build Top 1 Global Masha ~ MLBB


9. Thamuz

Hail to the Lord Lava.

Thamuz's passive skill makes him a dangerous hero who can deal DPS damage in the game. Thamuz inflicts the Scorch Effect that continuously deals 12 points of physical damage when attacking an enemy. This can be stacked up to 3 times, making him deadlier to fight against.

Thamuz can also slow down enemies by throwing his scythes in a designated direction. These scythes will return to him at some point, and any enemy on its path will be pulled towards Thamuz.

What makes Thamuz Powerful:

  • Best for poking enemies
  • Very durable
  • Slows enemies at a high rate


See Thamuz In action:



8. Hanabi

She may look weak, but don't you ever underestimate her in the later part of the game.

When equipped with perfect items, Hanabi can be a deadly DPS hero for your team. Just make sure that you get to farm first before participating in team fights because Hanabi is a bit squishy.

When her first skill is activated, Hanabi can attack enemies simultaneously. This makes her very annoying against tanks and fighters in the late game. She can easily penetrate the enemy team's composition, leaving her allies a great advantage.

What makes Hanabi Powerful:

  • A lifesteal hero
  • Can damage multiple enemies at once
  • High attack speed

See Hanabi In action:

 Insane Attack Speed - Build Top 1 Global Hanabi ~ MLBB


7. Moskov

If you don't want to get trapped, don't ever come near him!

Moskov is one of the marksman heroes with very high attack speed, dealing a great amount of damage per second on the battlefield.

In playing Moskov, perfect positioning is crucial. His first and second skills can make him hit both a target and the enemies behind if executed in a strategic position.

What makes Moskov Powerful:

  • Can knockback and stun enemies
  • High attack speed

See Moskov In action:

Moskov 90,9% Win Rate Build! - Top 1 Global Moskov by Terú de Elusià - Mobile Legends


6. Miya

Is Miya everyone's favorite?

Miya is known for being a soft hero yet deals an incredible amount of damage. She has a very high attack speed and lifesteal capabilities, which is why she remains popular among players despite being the oldest hero in Mobile Legends.

All you need to observe in playing Miya is her position when attacking. She is often the target of assassins and fighters, so ensure that you attack at a strategic location.

What makes Miya Powerful:

  • High attack speed
  • Gains immunity for a period of time
  • Attack multiple enemies at once

See Miya In action:

10 Min Full Build Miya Suzuhime MVP Offlane! - Top 1 Global Miya by Lian. - Mobile Legends


5. Freya

The unbeatable lady warrior is here!

Freya has always been a reliable fighter hero because of her sustenance and damage. Her passive grants her an increased attack speed after casting a skill. 

When Freya turns into her Valkyrie State, she absorbs a shield and earns additional physical attack damage. This lasts for 10 seconds, making her a threat against less mobile heroes.

What makes Freya Powerful:

  • Very durable
  • Best for chasing down enemies
  • Good pusher

See Freya In action:

Top 1 Global Freya by Have Fun - Mobile Legends


4. Kimmy

Can you even get closer to this hero?

Kimmy cannot gain an extra attack speed, but her continuous attack makes her a great DPS hero. You can aim her attack in any direction, even if you're on the move! This makes her a difficult hero to attack upfront because she can easily escape and charge against the enemy.

What makes Kimmy Powerful:

  • High mobility
  • Continuous attacker

See Kimmy In action:

Top 1 Global Kimmy by Cacktus - Mobile Legends Bang Bang


3. Chou


Do not even attempt to fight against Chou because he will instantly kick you!

Chou has remained a good pick throughout the years because of his flexibility. He can fill in the fighter or tank role and is one of the strongest heroes in the current meta.

He can be difficult to master, especially since his skills require great timing and prediction. Chou's skills are challenging to counter because he can knock enemies into the air without letting them use their escape abilities. 

So if you're up against an enemy Chou, always ready your purify.

What makes Chou Powerful:

  • Manaless hero
  • Great combo skills
  • High mobility

See Chou In action:



2. Wanwan

Say hello to the dash queen.

Wanwan's first and second skills make her a marksman hero with great DPS. Her ultimate skill even adds up to the equation, where she shoots an arrow at an enemy for 2.5 seconds. 

When she kills her initial target, she will then move on to the next. This time, her attack time will extend an additional 1 second and can increase up to 5.5 seconds! 

The amount of arrows she casts within this period depends on her attack speed. So if you equip Wanwan with compatible items, she will indeed be the ace of your team.

What makes Wanwan Powerful:

  • High mobility
  • Best against close combat heroes

See Wanwan In action:

Top 1 Global Wanwan by Ancient. - Mobile Legends


1. Karrie

Pair Karrie with inspire and she will truly be unstoppable.

Karrie is an excellent pick if you want a DPS hero because she does not only has a high attack speed, but she also deals a great amount of damage every attack.

The only thing about Karrie is she needs to find her footing first. Without good items, she will become an easy target by assassins. So try to avoid the temptation of participating in early fights because that might cause you a disadvantage.

You can also utilize Karrie's first and second skills to poke enemies, then activate your ultimate when their HP has already been reduced.

What makes Karrie Powerful:

  • Tank killer
  • Deals true damage
  • Great jungler

See Karrie In action:

Karrie Tank + DHS!! Karrie Post Buff Gameplay - Build Top 1 Global Karrie ~ MLBB


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