[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best DPS Heroes

Unlock Your Damage Per Second Through These Heroes

DPS stands for Damage Per Second. As the name signifies, DPS Heroes typically have high damage and frequently carry the team in objectives. In Mobile Legends, this usually refers to Marksman and Fighter Heroes who are not skill dependent and can rely on their basic skill as their main in dealing significant damage. Now here are the Top Ten Mobile Legends Best DPS Heroes according to the current meta.


10. Freya

Freya is a multi dimensioned hero who can be played as a utility in backing up with gameplay. She has a combination of skills that allow her to blink and deal significant amounts of damage within a short span of time. She is always banned when meta favors.

Her Passive Skill (Power of Einherjer) accelerates her attack speed for the following basic attacks after casting a skill and can stack up to 6 times. For every two attacks, Freya receives a stack of Sacred Orb. She can improve her abilities to varying degrees by utilizing stack. This is the basis behind her DPS abilities.

What makes Freya Great for DPS:

  • Passive Skill (Power of Einherjer) - This allows continuous damage with the potential to stack and increase potential on other skills cast.
  • Skill Combination - When utilized correctly, Freya can sustain damage and deal DPS at the same rate. This is a hard to master combination but can be learned when effort is put in.
  • Versatility - She can back up in a variety of objectives and tasks though her movement speed allows her to gank or attack while utilizing her skill combo.

See Freya in action: 


9. Chou

Chou is the most formidable fighter in Mobile Legends who isn’t reliant on the meta like other heroes in his category. He has decent crowd control, damage and also an above average defensive strategy that allows him to have more impact in gameplay. His skills are an embodiment of what Fighters possess.

When it comes to DPS, he can deal continuous damage through his First Skill (Jeet Kune Do) while his Ultimate Skill (The Way of Dragon)  is also capable of continuous damage but with added impact. Utilizing these two skills in tandem renders him an ultimate DPS hero where he can punch three times and knock an opponent airborne before following up with his Ultimate Skill where he performs a roundhouse kick before following up in attack, dealing 200% Physical Attack. He is a one hit hero when at his peak.

What makes Chou Great for DPS:

  • First Skill (Jeet Kune Do) - Three punches, the third can knock opponents airborne. This form of continuous damage is one that can be followed up with other skills or help from teammates.
  • Ultimate Skill (The Way of Dragon) - His Ultimate Skill is a sequence of attacks that can deal 200% extra physical damage. In terms of DPS, the continuous damage dealt is lethal and ranks him high above other fighters.
  • Defensive Strategy - His Second Skill is a dash that can also generate a shield. This allows him to defend himself while dealing continuous damage. It allows him to stay engaged longer in battle.

See Chou in action: 

8. Balmond

Balmond was a hard pick for this list due to the versatile ways of playing him. When placed in perspective, his continuous damage and capacity to take on damage grants him a spot on this list. The ease of mastery and his pricing of only 6500 Battle Points ranks him ahead of the bottom two on this list.

He has a low cooldown rate, which is extremely essential for his DPS abilities since he can deal continuous damage and also burst damage. His Second Skill (Cyclone Sweep) allows him to continuously spin while dealing damage. Each strike increases damage dealt and this is the underlying factor that grants him a spot on this list.

What makes Balmond Great for DPS:

  • Second Skill (Cyclone Sweep) - While having a low cd rate, this skill can deal continuous damage and serves as his primary skill. It revolves around DPS.
  • Versatility - He can be played as a utility in taking on almost any role in Mobile Legends apart from marksman. He can back up through DPS in a wide variety of ways and also can pave the way for team interaction.
  • Durability - Balmond specializes in HP Regen. This allows him to engage for longer periods while dealing continuous damage that constitutes DPS.

See Balmond in action: 

7. Alpha

Alpha is an underrated meta hero who can deal lethal damage. He also has a really low cooldown reduction rate which greatly favors his skills, all of which can deal continuous damage in the form of DPS through his android companion that accompanies him in dealing damage.

He has a great skill combination that when combined with low cd reduction, grants him supreme ranking over the battlefield. Everything about Alpha is based on continuous damage which constitutes DPS. Each of his skills have a continuous effect and work in perfect tandem. His skills can be spammed while he can regenerate HP as well.

What makes Alpha Great for DPS:

  • CD Reduction - His lethal skills can be spammed continuously through a low CD rate. This makes him effective in dealing continuous damage.
  • Skill Combination - Alpha has a lethal combination of skills that work in tandem. These skills can also regenerate HP and rates him as a chase hero in some way.
  • Continuous Damage - This is DPS in its simplest form. Continuous Damage allows for Damage Per Second combined with low cd reduction and HP Regen.

See Alpha in action: 

6. Wanwan

Wanwan would rank higher on this list if she was easier to master and engage in gameplay strategies. She is known for her Ultimate Skill (Crossbow of Tang) which cannot be countered and displays DPS in its truest form where she enters a concealed state while raining down needle bullets that can lock on opponents. 

Her First Skill can penetrate and deal damage in both ways, since the pins return to her like a boomerang. Her Second Skill allows her to debuff attacks and also increases her movement. Since her Ultimate Skill can only be engaged when an enemy target is less than 50% in HP, this makes it hard to rate her on skill combination but all her skills possess DPS.

What makes Wanwan Great for DPS:

  • Ultimate Skill (Crossbow of Tang) - This is the most lethal Ultimates amongst marksmen. Once locked on a target, there is no way of countering.
  • Unique Movement - Unlike other heroe, Wanwan jumps from place to place in movement which makes it hard to guard her while also providing her with a unique strategy in attack.
  • Attack Speed - Her attack speed through her Ultimate Skill cannot be matched while her unique movement allows her to spam her basic attack more effectively. Her basic attack speed is what constitutes her DPS outside of her Ultimate Skill.

See Wanwan in action: 

5. Hanabi

The revamped version of Hanabi grants her a spot on this list. Her passive skill (Ninjutsu), enables her petal bullets to bounce and hit numerous targets up to four times, and may amp up her attacks in terms of DPS. Her First Skill (Ninjutsu: Equinox) can generate a shield while increasing her movement and attack speed with control immunity.

Hanabi is a team hero. She depends on the team in the early game but can turn hyper-carry when gold favors her team and tips the scale on the opposition. She is a mid-late game hero who must be played with caution since she is an easy target for opposing assassins and damage dealers. Nevertheless, she is easy to master and would have ranked higher on this list if she had a better defense mechanism. Her attack speed, first and passive skills make her a top DPS Hero.

What makes Hanabi Great for DPS:

  • Passive Skill (Ninjutsu) - Her Passive Skill allows continuous damage that can be dealt to multiple targets up to four times. It also increases her mobility.
  • First Skill (Ninjutsu: Equinox) - This grants her immunity over crowd control while generating a shield for five seconds. On top of all this, it increases her movement speed.
  • Movement Speed - Hanabi used to be the slowest marksman in Mobile Legends but after her revamp, she has now gained added mobility which can be spammed through her First Skill and low cooldown reduction.

See Hanabi in action: 

4. Karrie

Karrie is a meta hero each season. She is a well-known hyper carry who requires a decent level of mastery to employ in higher ranks. Her movement and attack speed ranks her as one of the best DPS heroes in Mobile Legends though she is ultra squishy and should be played with caution.

Her Ultimate Skill (Speedy Lightwheel) enhances her mobility and attack and serves as the basis of her DPS. She deals 50-70% extra damage on targets while gaining a 20% increase in mobility. During this state, she also fires extra shots on top of her basic attack, which makes her a top DPS hero. Karrie is a must-have hero in Mobile Legends for anyone, since she can easily adapt to gameplay.

What makes Karrie Great for DPS:

  • Ultimate Skill (Speedy Lightwheel) - This significantly enhances her attack and movement speed which contributes to major damage being dealt within seconds.
  • Versatility - She is flexible in gameplay and can be employed in various gameplays and strategies. It is for this reason that her impact can be felt through different aspects of the game in terms of DPS.
  • Mobility - Karrie is fast and can cover ground quickly, which allows her to have more impact in gameplay.

See Karrie in action: 

3. Moskov

Moskov is the Marksman who comes in second place to Miya in Life Steal. He possesses a phenomenal skill set that qualifies him an excellent DPS Hero. He boasts a 100% Attack Speed with an Ultimate Skill that has the longest range amongst marksmen heroes. Inspire is a must learn battle spell when mastering Moskov since it increases his DPS by 100%.

His basic skill is penetrative, which means it can strike several enemies in a straight line while inflicting damage. He also depends on his basic skill as his main source of damage, which would place him higher on this list if his mastery level was easier. He can stun and knock back opponents and also teleport through his first skill. He specializes in chase and reap so he can attack and replenish HP upon successive hits.

What makes Moskove Great for DPS:

  • Life Steal - Moskov can regenerate HP when dealing successive damage and this allows him to have an impact and higher survival chances in team confrontations.
  • Attack Speed - He has a 100% attack speed rating that may be enhanced by his ability to teleport and stun opponents. He can knock back and stun opponents then teleport towards them and continue dealing damage.
  • Movement Speed - Attack Speed makes up most of his mobility but he can also teleport which adds an extra dimension to his movement. It also allows him to chase enemies.
  • Skill Combination - Through his first skill, he can teleport, while his second skill can stun, and knock opponents back. He specializes in chase and reap, which allows him to engage and recover HP after each hit.

See Moskov in action: 

2. Miya

I assume everyone is familiar with the Queen of Life Steal Miya. She has a lethal skill combination where her Ultimate Skill increases her attack speed while also sending her into a concealed state that can be used as an element of surprise in attack or as a means of escape. Her Ultimate Skill also has the capacity to debuff and counter opponents with cc and aoe as well.

Miya’s Passive Skill (Moon Blessing) increases her basic attack speed by 5% when successfully hitting targets. It can be stacked up to 4 times and lasts for 5 seconds and deals an extra 30% Physical Damage at full stack. This is what constitutes her spot on this list. When combined with her ultimate skill, she has the potential to deal vast amounts of damage at a continuous and rapid pace since she specializes in damage as a finisher.

What makes Miya Great for DPS:

  • Life Steal - This is what Miya is known for. It helps her engage longer in confrontations while also increasing her damage and potential to deal damage. All in all, it contributes to DPS.
  • Passive Skill (Moon Blessing) - Increases basic attack speed by 5% upon successful target hits that can be stacked up to 4 times and lasts for 5 seconds. An extra 30% Physical Damage is added when fully stacked. This is the major contributing factor to her evaluation as a top DPS Hero.
  • Skill Combination - Miya’s skill combo is easy to understand and implement. It requires timing and strategy but is an easy to master combo that is extremely lethal when her passive skill is fully stacked. In the end, it is the basis behind Miya being a top DPS Hero.

See Miya in action: 

1. Kimmy

Kimmy is the fastest attacking hero in Mobile Legends and the only marksman who can deal damage while moving. She is a Marksman/Mage who can perform a range of roles and objectives, chiefly as a jungle, support or roam hero given her unique skills and versatile potential as a dual role hero.

She has a complex Passive Skill (Chemical Damage) that requires focus on accuracy since she cannot lock-on a target. It allows her to restore energy on hits while dealing magic damage. She can also convert energy into movement speed and restores an extra 15% energy on successful kills. While her Ultimate Skill can shoot a high impact missile that has long range, she relies more on spamming her basic skill while relying on her Passive Skill to conduct damage. 

What makes Kimmy Great for DPS:

  • Magic Damage - Her first skill (Energy Transformation) adds 25 - 30% Magic Power to damage. This skill may be spammed and contributes to 45% Spell Vamp and 75% Magic Life Steal. 
  • Continuous Damage - As stated, Kimmy can deal damage without pause and does not have a Cool Down Reduction. This is a big contributing factor to cementing her spot at number one on this list.
  • Passive Skill (Chemical Instinct) - Her Passive Skill is the main contributing factor to her top spot on this list. It allows her to utilize mobility and magic damage with the capacity to restore energy as well.

See Kimmy in action: 

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