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5. The Smurf

"Yeahp, this is actually a legit business in LoL as it's completely not against the rules."

Ranks Most Associated With: Unranked, Low Ranks

Smurf is just the League lingo for a guy who basically created another separate account. 

Smurfing is a very popular loophole of LoL.  These are the people who create new accounts so that they may beat less experienced players who are not in their skill level. Why do people do this you may ask? So that they can feel better about themselves, of course, what else would unskilled bastards do? 

It’s also fairly certain that sometimes players just do it out of boredom. They try to recreate those glory days and euphoric means of leveling up when they were just starting out. I mean, that’s why I created mine. It’s a great way to remind you how you started and how you’ve grown since then.

Usually, Smurfs are generally lower-ranked accounts than the Smurf’s main account. But if one is Bronze V, they more often than not ditch that account for the Smurf. Who could blame them? 

Smurfing is also a great cool down should one be tilting on their Ranked games. Yet it’s still a bad practice as it brings imbalance to the new players of League. But I guess they just have to learn the hard way. 

4. The Intentional Trolls (aka TITs)

"Picking Graves isn't a troll move, but hey, losing with an OP champ is just as much."

Ranks Most Associated With: Unranked, Bronze to Master

We’re here now, to an evil of League that's almost inhumane, disgusting, and purely annoying. These are the infamous players who throw games on purpose just for the sake of the whole team losing. What’s even worse? They do it in Ranked games.

The main reasons for doing so are completely at random, up to the troll, and even in some cases are just unknown. But anyway, it’s a complete dick move and it’s supposed to be a ban-able offense. But to everybody’s relief, TITs are growing smaller in numbers thanks to Riot’s strict implementations. 

However, any player may be ticked off into becoming these bastards. So always be careful and be nice to every teammate, unless you want to lose. Remember what the guide says: “Players who harass their teammate after a mistake lose 15% more games.” Well, maybe not exactly that, but you get the point.

3. The “Laggers”

"RIP-perino, Darius. You've served Noxus long enough. Death by Lag pls"

Ranks Most Associated With: All Ranks; more practiced by lower ranks.

These are the types of players that pretend to be lagging to hide the fact that they just made a mistake or just plain suck. This happens on every rank, including Challenger. It’s okay to make mistakes, but here in LoL, one mistake could lead to a Nexus Turret going down in mere seconds. 

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them and my pride”. That’s the motto of these guys. Instead of learning from the mistake, they’ll put the blame on lag. Even though it never lagged, they’ll always choose to blame another player and/or circumstance other than themselves. This is why this happens more on the low ranks. 

Not being able to admit you made a grave mistake and improving from that mistake is not a trait for an aspiring high-ELO player. This may happen on Challenger sometimes, but there, it’s really pride on the line as they’re always expected to be the best-of-the-best. It’s sad if you think about it, there’s so much pressure to keep that Top 200 spot alive.

Anyway, back to the point. Sometimes, players are indeed absorbed in lag because of their slow-ass internet. This causes them to not play well and even lead to throwing as a result of the lag. Remember kids, if you know you’re lagging, don’t play Ranked. You’ll ruin it for everybody. 

2. The "Noob" Skinners 

"Some players really need to improve on their skills rather than use skins. Credits to 9gag!"

Ranks Most Associated With: All Ranks 

These are the players who just have too much money on their wallets. Hence, they spend it on RP and different skins that they don’t even need. But that’s not the whole essence of a skinner. 
Skinners are those who have skins for their champions, yet they suck at playing the champion, haven’t even played the champion once, or they just get thrashed while wearing an expensive skin. It’s really such a shame, though. For example, to see a Pulsefire Ezreal just losing, It’s just a shame to see all that money put to waste. Note that Pulsefire Ezreal is $25 alone. 

Players are dubbed as skinners once they established a feeding program all on their own, despite having an awesome skin. People these days forget that skins aren’t just for aesthetic pleasure, it shows that you have somewhat mastered the champion. If you get caught losing with a skin, prepare to be dubbed a skinner! 

1. The Kids

"This kid accurately represents all the crybaby kids playing League."

Ranks Most Associated With: Unranked – Diamond

Alright, we’ve reached the end of our list. For the last type, it’s the most populated type of player there is, the Kids. Infamous and rampant, these type of players are always online (at least until it’s past their bedtime) and they’re always going to be in one of your daily games. 
Kids in Ranked games don’t have to be necessarily a real-life kid. More often than not, young adults or teens are also closely following their footsteps when it comes to their toxicity. Like the wise Atticus Finch once said: “I believe, at one point, we were all kids once”. Again, I’m not good with quotes, but you get the idea.

Being a kid is essentially just being extremely immature, extremely irrational, and extremely unskilled. Yet they have the gall to flame out everybody and are willing to go AFK and intentionally throw the game just so they may get revenge. Sounds familiar? Every League player has come across these little assholes.

We don’t have to go into detail to explain how kids are kids in League. It’s kind of self-explanatory. But take note that this plague only happens up until Diamond. Think of kids as training weights to success. They’re not certainly helpful to you and your team, but they’re definitely of some help to your carrying skills.

 There’s a reason why the number of kids you’ll meet will gradually lessen while you move up, as they’re just training for the big leagues. Take your ticket, don’t blow your gasket. If you feel that hanging out with the kid leagues isn’t for you, adapt and get some Challenger skills. Don’t cuss your whole team out and cry like one. Be like #10, if you still remember what the 10th type is.


What about you? Did you fit in any of the types here in our article? Feel free to leave an awesome comment at our awesome comments section below!

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