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3) Mass, or Cheaper, Character Transfers

Move from one realm to the other, but at a pricey cost.

In World of Warcraft we constantly make new friends, or have real life friends come play. Those friends can end up on different servers, making it harder to fully play with them. We can’t join peoples guilds because of the server difference. So what do we have to do? Buy an expensive single character transfer and leave all our other characters behind, just so we can play with specific people.

The reason why leaving our other characters behind sucks is because now we can’t join the guild on those characters, or make use of their crafting on the transferred avatar. There is no mailing stuff from character to character either when you are on different realms (unless its a bind on account item). Most WoW players use multiple characters on purpose, and forcing us to shell out more cash just to have our preferred play style sucks.

Besides the whole social friend aspect, some of the servers become dead. By this I mean there is no one basically playing on that server. Chat is dead, the Auction House is out of whack, and the cities are empty. Being a part of that can really be demotivating. You then hear about a nice medium or high population server and want to move there instead. However, again, they are expensive.

People say that Blizzard keeps them expensive and singular because they don’t want people to just switch servers whenever. I think we all understand that, but with the current systems in place, it’s actually hindering their company more because people will quit before staying on a low population server.

How do they fix this though? They could implement a discounted price to transfer all characters at once, or even lower the price by $10 to $15 (currently $25) dollars for single character transfers. Let the people play how they want (for the most part) and your game will be more successful.

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