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What do you think could be done to improve World of Warcraft?

5) Better LFG Party Experience

Although the LFG function isn’t terrible, it could be reworked. We will discuss a couple different options that WoW could implement that would definitely take some stress away during the party experience.

Kicking: There are countless times where you get into a party and there has to be that one afk, or one flaming jerk, or loot stealer. The rest of your group decides we need to kick this person, and it won’t let you. Why won’t it let you? Because you are in combat. Ok, so you all get out of combat and try again. Nope. You need to wait something like an entire 3 minutes to finally do a votekick. So now you are having to waste your own time just to kick that afk person.

Now, I understand being able to kick in combat could be terrible for loot reasons. What would stop people from kicking the out numbered players during the middle of a boss fight so they can’t loot? Well what if we could kick during combat, but not during bosses? Also, instead of typing in the reason why you are kicking someone, have it be a drop down menu. You could list a bunch of potential reasons, and that way it’s more precise. Also, let the kicked player see the reason for being kicked. That way they can work on not doing it again. Either way, being stuck in a group with someone who would be kicked makes the experience frustrating.

Looting: You should never be able to “need roll” on a piece of gear you can’t even wear. This leads to so many people being screwed out of gear. As someone who has experienced this so many times in WoW (and other games) I can atest to this being a really annoying and frustrating process. There are sections in WoW that won’t allow you to need roll on specific things, but not everywhere. Then when it comes to master looting, there’s a touchy subject. They make you roll in chat or through the system, and even though you win the roll, they give it to their friend. There needs to be more accountable system for Master Looting. Blizzard offers to look into your claims, but they almost never amount to anything.

Example of a loot roll window from World of Warcraft.

Queues: Queue times are probably the worst part of looking for a group. They are long, and you normally have to go through the accept process multiple times since someone is always afk. If you aren’t a tank or healer, expect to wait anywhere from 2 to 40 minutes for a simple dungeon queue while leveling. So you finally get into your dungeon, after a good 18 minute wait, and your healer leaves. Now what do you do? You have to sit and wait for another healer to join, which means re-queueing.

What Blizzard could do to shorten times, is add in another mode for dungeons queues. This mode wouldn’t require a healer or tank, so 5 dps could get put together. The bosses and mobs could be easier, and at the same time give less experience and/or loot. You may get less experience for killing weaker mobs, but at least you are doing something instead of sitting and waiting for a queue when leveling. If you really don’t want to be placed with 4 other dps, you can always opt to wait for a normal dungeon with a staple healer and tank. This new dungeon mode could also be restricted to only characters who aren’t eligible for end game content (meaning not applied to max level).

This is just one unique way that we could combat the long looking for group queue system for levelers.

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