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4) Fix Low Pop Servers with More Realm Merges

As we talked about previously, so many servers are stuck with low population. This is because the most recent patch Warlords of Draenor has gotten a surplus of negative reviews. With Legion on the way there will be a small increase in activity, but the damage has been done. World of Warcraft will have a hard time reaching its past glory if they don’t make some changes.

Example look at the realm server list and population levels.

Until WoW gains back its following, there is no reason for this many servers. They are spreading out the player base way too thin, which leaves countless servers empty. As discussed, transferring from that dead server is not encouraged by Blizzard, and is therefore too expensive for the players to realistically do (majority of them at least).

This is where we are at. Blizzard needs to either start merging more realms to create more realm clusters (where multiple realms are on the same server), temporarily close all extremely low population servers and offer all players a free transfer out of there, or somehow get a huge influx of players and have them join these low population realms. Blizzard needs to maintain these issues more if they want more people to play (happily), and have WoW be more awesome.

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