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What do you think could be done to improve World of Warcraft?

8) More Guild Oriented Events

To be quite frank, there is no need to be in a guild. A guild used to be a second family. A group of people you spent all day with, and never got bored. Other games have Guild vs. Guild battles, Guild alliances, guild specific pvp, or even pve events. WoW has none of that. The only bonus to being in a guild is guild repairs, and the achievements you can unlock for some cool rewards. The players try to make guilds run how they use to, but WoW has become such a soloable game. This has taken the entire social aspect of the game down.

Example Guild Invitation...though you’d be lucky if it wasn’t a bot spam invitation.

They could add a guild home/garrison you could visit and do things to help the guild. They could add in a guild que system, where you get a small taste of some GVG action. An event could be added every week where each guild has to complete a mission or goal, and whomever does it the fastest wins some materials or an exciting reward. It can rank the guilds on the server, help pay for their guild houses, or give them land ownership if Blizzard wouldn’t mind going that way.

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