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What do you think could be done to improve World of Warcraft?

7) More Incentive to Open World PVP/ Raid Cities

This works a little like my previous idea about Raid Bosses being pvp’d over. There is no reason to go out and open world pvp or raid cities. Because there is no incentive, there are rarely ever any groups forming to do it. If a group does try, they spam chat for a couple hours and ultimately fail. If Blizzard added a reason to go raid cities, pillage towns, and fight….I really do believe that WoW would be a more exciting game to be a part of.

A raid on Stormwind City from many years ago...

Possible ways to increase incentive is to make more exciting and rewardable achievements, dailies, or questlines. Maybe a small reputation faction can be accepted and in order to level up in this faction you need to conquer towns, kill enemy guards, and kill the head honcho in the capital cities. Maybe you can also get ranked up in these reputable factions. There are a lot of options available, they just need to implement one.

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