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What do you think could be done to improve World of Warcraft?

10) Better/Increased PVP Rewards

How does PVP vs Raiding hold up in your point of view?

World of Warcraft has always been known for it’s PVE Raiding. Hands down, when you talk to someone about raiding, they started in WoW. I’ve never heard people say I made it big in WoW through PVP. But, why not? For one, their pvp is really lacking and limited. However, were not going to discuss the need for more diverse pvp options. Were going to discuss the weak rewards given out for pvping in comparison to pve.

When you raid (pve) you have a chance at epic mounts, pets, weapons, and armor. I’m not even listing all the quest lines that have you collect objects for legendary equipment. On the other hand, pvp gets small amounts of pvp currency, and some boxes that drop mediocre beginner gear. Do you see the difference? For those who love to pvp, they have to either spam battlegrounds to get enough currency to buy a piece, or not even bother and switch to pve. The rewards for participating in player vs environment functions is much higher than player vs player.

All I suggest is that they up the reward scaling for pvp, making it a much larger force in the industry. This way they aren't only marketing to the pve players in the online gaming world, but also to the pvp players. No longer would WoW be solely known for its raiding, but for it’s pvp content as well.

Those are my top 10 things Blizzard could do to make World of Warcraft Awesome. I still think WoW is a mmorpg for the hall of fame, but I would love it if it didn't die out on us. Blizzard return to your roots that first made WoW such a star, and take a little advice from other mmorpg’s out there. Above all, listen to your player/fan base. Were the ones living in the world of Azeroth, so we’ll know how to improve it.


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