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What do you think could be done to improve World of Warcraft?

9) Account Wide Reputation

Farming reputation blows. You do it the first time because, well, it’s the first time. If you work hard, you can get it done and then be done with it for good. Reputation is definitely a grind, and a not so fun one at that. WoW has done well with having a lot of reputation to farm, however no one wants to have to do it again on another character.

This idea may seem very casual, but let's be fair much of World of Warcraft's playerbase is casual. Basically, if Blizzard allowed the reputation to be account bound, than there would actually be more incentive to go farm reputation. Not everyone stays on the first character they made. People switch classes constantly. Having to go back through and level up your reputation again is so painful. I think WoW would earn a lot of appreciation from the players, and even boost the player base with this small, easily done, adjustment.

Example of how many reputations there are, and how low you can start out at.

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