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best multiplayer games 2016
Let the fun begin.

9. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky Trailer

In all of the infinite universe, you are but one person. Will you make a name for yourself?

No Man’s Sky is an upcoming sci-fi space exploration game in which you are in control. You take on the role of a planetary explorer and make your way into the open galaxy. Beyond this, the choice is yours. You can be a merchant, pirate, etc.

Though there is no story to be told, there are actions that create your story. Destroying a planet’s life forms can cause you to become wanted by robots that patrol planets. Every action has a consequence.

When you find a new planet and mark it on your map it becomes visible on the entire galaxy map, making it to where others can travel to it. You can also leave messages behind on planets for those who come to visit.

This game looks like it will be incredible. This is definitely on my to-play list in June 2016.

Battle with the fleet.

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