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best multiplayer games 2016
Let the fun begin.

4. Overwatch

Overwatch Trailer

Overwatch heroes become shunned for crimes they did not commit and this leads to the team being disbanded. There are still enemies in the world and conflicts that need resolving. The world still needs heroes.

Despite receiving a bad name from the world, the heroes of Overwatch stood in the shadows quietly and observed. When they are needed they come, showing the world that it still needs the heroes they cast away.

It is a first person shooter that takes place in a futuristic Earth that pits two opposing teams of six against each other. Depending on the map the objectives are different.

Currently in BETA testing there are two game modes.

The first is Payload where your team must move a payload to a given point while the other team tries to stop you. If you get your payload to the point, you win. If not, you lose.

The second campaign is point capture mode. The goal of the offensive team is to capture objectives while the defensive team tries to stop you. Whoever has the most objectives wins.

I’ve watched a few streams on this game and it seems like a lot of fun. Its expected release is June 21, 2016.

Blow up your enemies.

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