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best assassin games 2016
They will take your breath away. Literally.

18. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (2014)

Official Shadow of Mordor Launch Trailer

Developer: Monolith Productions

Genre: Action, adventure, stealth

Themes: Lord of the Rings characters, sword and magic

In this game based on Tolkien’s work, you take the place of Talon, a guy who had the misfortune of horribly dying. Understandably, you are quite angry. With the help of your undead guide, you have to…stop Sauron, I guess? Avenge your family? Whatever the case, you kill TONS of orcs.

You also make them uncomfortable by inappropriately caressing their cheeks.

With Mordor as an open world to explore (and murder the hell out of), you must navigate the hostile territory with your awesome parkour skills, killing orcs with sword, dagger, bow or magic. It’s like Assassin’s Creed meet Arkham Asylum, but with more beheadings.

Pop goes the weasel! Also, that dude on the left is about to lose his breakfast over this.

Where this game really comes together is with the Nemesis system: Orcs have a hierarchy, and killing you makes them move up. You can either kill or brainwash them, and even develop a rivalry with one in particular. And because every orc and trait is randomly generated for each game, your nemesis and your history will be exclusive to you. Unless you want to tell the developers, who actually reenacted one such story with voice acting in Youtube. And that’s a win, right there.

Official Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Gameplay Walkthrough

19. Styx: Master of Shadows

Styx: Master of Shadows - Launch trailer

Developer: Cyanide Studios

Genre: Stealth, action-adventure

Themes: Inflitration, goblin coming-of-age, fantasy

The first goblin. Or at least the first charismatic one. Your heart’s desire is a literal heart (yup, a heart as in a beating, living heart…to each their own) of a World Tree, hidden away in a huge tower. So let’s infiltrate the hell out of it, ok?

Hey, being short is an advantage!

With different skill trees and various abilities to remain hidden and take advantage of the environment, Styx can use a combination of steel and magic to overcome problematic odds and move from one hiding spot to another. You can then use your blade to jump on top of your enemies, either loudly slashing them, or using your green little hands to muffle their screams. Or you can just rob them blind. Do mind larger enemies, though.

Hey, being short is a disadvantage. Crap.

A sequel has been announced for 2016, so trail away and die a lot: in the end, this is not the last time we’ll see our little green friend. And that’s a good thing.

Styx Master of Shadows - E3 Gameplay

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