Borderlands 3: 10 Crazy Predictions That May Just Come True: Page 7 of 10

Looking forward to a crazy and violent Borderlands future
Haven't been this Giddy since I shot off a Psycho Midget's arms with a shotgun.

7. I'd Like to See Arena Combat Taken to The Next Level

Did that good for nothing teammate kill steal you again? Maybe you two need to step into the Smash’em-Thrash-em Arena and settle this with good old Mechanical robot fisticuffs.

Sometimes you just can’t stand the people you have to work with when saving the world.  Maybe they took some really good weapon that you really wanted. Perhaps someone was just so clueless of you needing aid and they let you die. Maybe they just aren’t a good person to work with. Do you have a need to settle your differences that a simple duel won’t fix?

This is what the Smash’em-Thrash’em arena will be for. You and the source of your anger will suit up in giant mechanized armor and just throw down until someone gets knocked down.  Nothing says anger management like a good old session of free-form Rock’em-Sock’em Robots.  And also a crowd of cheering fans chanting the character’s original name can’t hurt either.

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