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Survival Horror Games: 5 Reasons Why We Love Them
Got to love that survival horror


2. Great Stories 

Survival horror games offer some of the most intense and amazing stories in all of gaming. These games have players utterly captivated by darkness, dread, and the unknown.

Gamers are thrown into worlds were rooms are coated with gore, crazy religious cults summon nightmarish entities, disturbed creatures destroy mindlessly, and the player if left to survive amongst the chaos, maybe even uncovering some truths along the way.

You definitely want to know the backstory behind this one

Survival horror games also offer a pretty clear dichotomy of good and evil (unless you’re playing something like Alan Wake). Players know that things like zombies and crazed cults (a la Silent Hill) are baddies, and should be taken down. When the player knows that they are the ones who need to take down the ultimate form of evil, they have the greatest motivation.

What other games can give players such an intense adrenaline rush?

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