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Legends of the gaming world
Legends of the gaming world

10. Deckard Cain


"Stay awhile and listen…”

As the only character aside from Diablo himself to be present in all three Diablo games, Deckard Cain served as the voice of wisdom to many of Sanctuary’s heroes, guiding them in their quests and providing vital information whenever he could.

But Cain wasn’t just some strange old man with a penchant for helping strangers. He was the last of an ancient organization of mages called the Horadrim, who used the Soulstones to trap the Prime Evils.

Though old and frail, Deckard Cain was not one to shy away from adventure, often thrusting himself headlong into peril just to grab some other priceless tome or artifact. He discovered the Prophecy of the End of Days, which foretold the major events that would unfold over the course of Diablo III. Before his death as a result of Maghda’s torture, he repaired the mysterious sword that had fallen from the sky, revealing it to have come from the High Heavens. This, in turn, exposed the true nature of its wielder as the Archangel Tyrael.

And so ends our list of the 10 most legendary heroes from Blizzard Entertainment. Do you agree with our picks? Who else do you think deserves to be in the top 10, and why?

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