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15 Scariest Video Game Monsters
Freddy Sees All

1. Freddy (Fight Nights at Freddys)

Proudly claiming the number one spot of scariest video game monster is the adorable child loving animatronics monster known as Freddy the bear.

Arguable cute and cuddly by day, but ferocious and murderous by night, Freddy the giant brown bear waits for just the right moment to kill the helpless security guard watching over his establishment. Using cameras and doors with limited power due to budget cuts, Freddy stalks his children’s establishment with his friends waiting for just the right opportunity to strike.

Make sure you conserve as much power and energy as possible in this simplistic horror game, because the moment you lose concentration Freddy will appear to claim your helpless soul.

Each gamer has their own idea of what the top 15 scariest video game monsters of all time should be. If you have any suggestions or honorable mentions feel free to leave a comment below.

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