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Chaos Space Marines
Greetings mortal. You must be blessed by the four gods of Chaos, because now you are to witness the magnificence of the Warp


31) Many traitor Legions disbanded after the Horus Heresy and turned into small warbands across the galaxy


32) For the Word Bearers, Chaos is the only true divine power in the universe


33) Former proud and brave marines now are ready to exchange their humanity for power



34) The infamous battle of Istvaan III. The first battle where the traitor legions fought and killed their loyalist brothers


35) The Slave Wars were a conflict that confronted the Emperor’s Children with many other Chaos Legions. In the end, the World Eaters and the Emperor’s Children were shattered into small war bands


36) Abaddon the Despoiler became the heir to Horus and the Warmaster of the Black Legion


37)  The 13 Black Crusade ended with the personal defeat of Abaddon, but the loss of the Cadian Gate


38) Konrad Curze, also known as the Night Hunter, was the Primarch of the Night Lords


39) Not only the traitor legions are as powerful as the Space Marines, but many also command the powers of the warp


40) The Dark Wolves are rumored to be a splinter faction of the Space Wolves whom turned to Chaos

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