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Chaos Space Marines
Greetings mortal. You must be blessed by the four gods of Chaos, because now you are to witness the magnificence of the Warp


41) Horus Lupercal was the Emperor's most beloved son. The emperor refused to believe in his treason until the very end


42) Sanguinius was the first one to meet Horus in battle before the Emperor. Horus proved to be too powerful to anyone but the Emperor himself


43) For the followers of the God Slaanesh, nothing is forbidden as long as it brings pleasure to them


44) Chaos Space Marines rule over Daemon Worlds; planets they conquered and dedicate to the Dark Gods they serve. Each Daemon World is unique, molded after the Champion who consecrated it



45) The Raven Guard, The Iron Hands and the Salamanders were almost wiped out by Horus and the Traitor Legions during the infamous Drop Site Massacre


46) There are two main gates into the realm of Chaos; the one called the Eye of Terror and the one called The Maelstrom


47) When Chaos Space Marines go to war, alongside them goes the other many servants of the Dark Gods: the fanatics, the mutants and the Daemons


48) The Imperium of Man may be their main antagonist, but the forces of Chaos will fight against anything for the glory of the Dark Gods


49) There are many reasons why a Chaos Space Marine will go to war: to conquer, to enslave, to realize a sacrifice in the name of their gods, for personal glory, to fulfill an unknown agenda, or just because it’s Wednesday



50) Many Chaos Space Marines have lived for thousands of years and their hate against their former brothers in arms is still burning. There is only one way to end this eternal conflict, total victory or total oblivion



In the grim darkness of the 41 millennium, there is only war. But not any war. It is a war of faith and survival. Humanity faces the greatest threat ever, caught between eternal damnation and total extinction.

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