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Batman Arkham Knight
Batman is back better than ever, check out how

7. The Batmobile is Epic

It’s best not to think of the new Batmobile as a vehicle since it’s really more of a sidekick, a beautiful missile carrying tank of a sidekick. Your brand new weapon has been integrated into virtually every single aspect of Arkham Knight, it can lift cargo, grapple up buildings and can speed to your location with a single touch of a button, which is very handy when you’ve found yourself in a bit of a tight spot.

Perfect for you absolutely just have to kill everybody

It is also capable of switching between superfast roadster and missile shooting tank with a simple tap of a button, allowing you to speed towards and then blast through most obstacles the game throws in your way. Thankfully it’s also a very pretty machine with an obvious Nolan-esq design to it, which is certainly the best Batmobile to be modelled upon.

There truly is no greater sensation in Arkham Knight than taking down a squad of tanks with your trusty sidekick spewing missiles like there’s no tomorrow. 

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