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Will You Survive?! ...Probably Not.

7. Outplaying Rambo

The Aftermath.

Snares. Caltrops. Miniature poisonous spears sticking out of the ground.

These may sound like the tools of a complete coward. And they are. But no one said the winner had to be brave.

It's not feudalist Europe, no one's asking for a sense of honor here. Meeting someone in a fair, level fight? It's your job to never let that happen. If you want, that is. There's tons of ways to play, but outsmarting the competition is one of the best options available.

The island of The Culling is littered with buildings that are just begging for you to get all Home Alone up in them. Snare the door and hide in the bushes so anyone that wants to come in is gonna get an axe in their back. A non-FDA-approved form of chiropracty, but effective.

Or scatter punji sticks, poisonous darts sticking out of the ground, around healing stations, so enemies can't even heal a paper cut without their lunch hightailing it outta their stomach. Or claim a building as your own by littering every square inch of the flooring with caltrops, forcing everyone but you to crawl around on all fours.

If you prefer your cowardice goes unnoticed, stick a rock in a poison pylon, and voila! You've got a smoke bomb. If someone tasked to kill you has the audacity to get near you, just throw down a smoke bomb like a ninja and split! Alternatively, stick a knife in their back while they're rubbing the dust from their eyes, but that's your messed-up decision, not mine.

Some contestants may prefer to just beat their prey into submission with a sledgehammer. Myself? I like to lead my enemies into a deathtrap that puts Saw to shame.


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