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Battlefront 3 is coming!
At long last!

5. Missions

E3 2015: Star Wars Battlefront: Co-Op Missions Gameplay Reveal 

I have a soft spot for horde modes. It’s why I love Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer and why I’m going to love this multiplayer too.

As shown in the above video, DICE has created a series of missions that you can play through either on your own or with a friend. Each mission appears to feature a horde style wave mechanic with rewards given to the players upon completion of each wave.

This game mode looks fantastic and the part of me that fell in love with Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer wants to enjoy every part of these missions. But this makes me wonder whether split-screen players will be allowed to enter online multiplayer games. My hope is that the answer is yes and that players will buy this game en masse so we can see another surge of split-screen oriented games in our future. If not, then at least we still have these survival missions which still look like an amazing adventure to play through with friends.

The Verdict?

This game looks incredible. Gameplay appears as a solid improvement over its predecessors and, depending on how the class system works, seems like it will be the best game in the entire series. DICE looks like it is set to deliver a product that has been crafted with the utmost love and respect for the source material. Expect this game to be released on November 17, 2015.

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