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Battlefront 3 is coming!
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2. Traditional classes will not exist the same way it has in previous games

Jump pack!
The jetpacks in this game capitalize on the need for movement in games that take place on such a large scale

According to Craig McLeod, Battlefront III’s producer, on Battlefront’s official twitter account:

@System9509 Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t really have a class system in the traditional sense of say something like Battlefield

— EAStarWars (@EAStarWars) June 15, 2015

Previous Battlefront games had players select what classes they wanted to play based on what roles on the battlefield they wanted to fulfill- in this sense Battlefront 2 had a similar class system to the Battlefield series. Each class was pre-built, had its own perks and abilities, and few customization options. As a result, if players only wanted to use a jetpack, then they would have to select a class that was over-specialized into a specific niche.

While the system was far from perfect, one must wonder what system of weapons and abilities DICE has created for players in the absence of the prequel’s traditional classes. The gameplay suggests that there may be a way to customize some of your classes since the first time the jetpack was introduced in the video, the player was a human female, but later in the video it is shown on a Rodian.

Although, another hint at what may have replaced the battlefield-esque class system can also be found gameplay video.

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