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7. Age of Wonders III: Eternal Lords

Create and control your empire

Eternal Lords is an expansion for Age of Wonders III.  It adds the ability to play as a Frostling or Tigran race, the Necromancer class as well as specialize in Torch Bearers, Grey Guard, or Shadow Born as far as Leader Specializations go.  It adds more maps, more standalone scenarios, and more items for you to discover. 

Eternal Lords Expansion Trailer with visuals of what all you’ll get. 

Already, Age of Wonders III was a massive fantasy world that you could explore and create your own empire in.  You expanded your domain by discovering things, or by fighting the people who got there first.  Eternal Lords adds more perks and more ways to have fun and win. 

You can buy the whole game on Steam or GOG. 

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