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Worn, torn, and ready for more.

  4. Unleashing Level 10 Perks

Perks play an important roll in Fallout 4. A literal one if you count toppling over baddies among your favorite pastimes. When you reach level 10 in any attribute, you’re able to unlock the final perk in the tree. For example, investing 10 points in Strength will open up the Pain Train perk—where much like a quarterback on steroids you’ll barrel over anyone in your path while wearing power armor and sprinting.

As you build your character to suit your playstyle, you can pick the final perks that best compliment you. The wide variety will make every character distinct from your next.

A face you can trust.

Nerd Rage boosts you into overdrive when your health is low, slowing time as you get revenge for all those swirlies and purple nurples. Solar Powered turns you into the Man of Steel, granting you the ability to absorb the power of the sun. And Intimidation allows you to pacify and even convert your enemies to follow your bidding—just like a true glib-tongued super villain.

If you’re curious just what sort of havoc you can unleash in the Wasteland, check out this list of all available perks.

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