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Worn, torn, and ready for more.

9. Donning Power Armor to Become a Death-dealing Juggernaut

If you’ve ever wanted to roleplay a space marine, you can capture that feeling by stepping into a heavy-plated suit of power armor. Fueled by a fusion core, power armor allows you to wreak havoc on enemies while resisting damage from attacks, falls, and radiation poisoning. The entire HUD changes as though you’re looking out from inside a battle helmet, and you clank around with every step. You become a weighty soldier inspiring awe and fear on the battlefield.

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You can make power suits even better by customizing and upgrading each piece. Mods include bonuses like increased resistances, improved damage, unique paint schemes, targeting, and more. If you have a flair for drama, you can slap on a jet pack and leap straight into the enemy horde!  

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