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Worn, torn, and ready for more.

3. Commanding Companions

Fallout 4 companions aren’t just there to lug around your wonderglue and military circuit boards like a glorified pack mule. They’ll back you up during fights, pick locks, and hack computers, too. Taking on the enemies of the Wasteland with a pal at your back broadens what you can do on the battlefield.

"What about side by side with a friend?"

A brute strength companion such as Strong the super mutant will back up you glass cannons. Lighter fighters such as Deacon offer a good distraction as they pick off targets while you fight. And the ever loyal Dogmeat is never shy of tearing at an annoying raider’s pant leg.

You can issue commands to further control the battle. Send Strong barreling through the enemy line. Or sneak around with a sniper and order Dogmeat to attack specific targets. Once he’s got them pinned, line up your short and—off with his head!   

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