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Worn, torn, and ready for more.

6. Building Settlements from Fortified Fortresses to Decked Out Houses

Now you too can recreate Bioshock Infinite's Columbia in a Fallout game!

Building in Fallout 4 allows you to create a home base where you can gather your companions and store gear and crafting materials. When a town is fully functional (with water, food, and housing), settlers move in and traders pass through. Establishing trade means big bucks for you!

Honestly? Even with all the benefits settlements bring, the true fun lies in the actual building. Unleash your creative potential and make your mark on the Wasteland!

A fresh feature in the franchise, settlement building blends the gray, dilapidated world of Fallout 4 with the imaginative creative tools of the Sims. (No deleting swimming pool ladders and watching your sims drown, though.) You’re given a wide array of buildings, utilities, resources, and decorations to construct your dream town using the materials you scavenge throughout the wastes. Be that a bustling farming community, an impenetrable citadel surrounded by walls, ramps, and turrets, or a giant light sign flipping off the rest of the Wasteland as you kick back in your own private lap of luxury.

You’re free to go wild. And while there is a learning curve, there’s a dizzying range of what you can build. By the time you get the foundation of your grand plan laid out, half the day will have already flittered away.    

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