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Worn, torn, and ready for more.

2. Melee Beatdowns

What do you do when a pack of snarling feral ghouls leaps up from a wreck of rusted cars and bum-rushes you? When bloodthirsty super mutants spill out of a ruined tower, pipe rifle unloading whizzing bullets? When a group of junkie raiders descends from the shoddily built ramparts lining the crumbling streets?

If your answer is “Punch them until they explode”, then melee weapons may be right for you.

"Swing batter, batter!"

There are few things that’ll get your blood pumping faster than a good ol’ fashioned beatdown. Whether you use baseballs bats, knives, power fists, swords, sledgehammers, or a rolling pin with nails sticking out of it, each weighted strike of your weapon feels impactful and satisfying. But don't take my word for it. Knock a head right outta left field with an expert swing of your bat!

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