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Looking forward to Oculus Rift
11 things you may not know about VR

7. It can trick your body into thinking you’re actually there

The power of presence

Do you think you can tell the difference between virtual and actual reality? The easy answer should be yes, but it turns out it’s a lot more complicated than you’d think.

Presence is the phenomenon that takes place when you are immersed in a virtual reality setting. Your brain becomes so used to the virtual world that instinct takes over and your body starts to react as if you are there.

Imagine it as if you’re about fall asleep and are suddenly jerked awake by the sensation of falling. Your body feels the sensation but you’re still safe in bed. Similar adrenaline spikes unconscious reflexes are only a couple of the tricks your mind will play on you once immersed in VR.

You’ll look super awkward, but will be too busy having the time of your life to care.

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